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Die Höhle der Löwen: Munich based Start-up Talentcube will be on air!


The 12th episode of the successful show will also be exciting: On Tuesday, 21.11.2017, the founders of the recruiting app Talentcube will venture into the founders’ show “Die Höhle der Löwen“!

Hendrik Seiler, Sebastian Niewöhner and Sebastian Hust know each other from their studies of business informatics. In their search for a suitable career start they made the following observations:

  1. While the whole world is moving towards “mobile first”, human resources departments seem to be largely on the sidelines: 76% of applicants are now looking for new jobs on their smartphones, but are then forced into a media break: Application procedures are costly, complicated and cannot be handled via the smartphone.

2. Applications are still all about a perfect CV, with as many top grades as possible and well-known internships. The person behind the black-and-white printed matter is not looked at until the job interview. In many cases, the true strengths are not reflected in the cover letter. And what about those who took detours in their career or had a difficult time during their studies? In 99% of cases, their CV would probably end up in the “no” pile. In many cases, the competencies that are important for a job cannot be convincingly presented in the CV.

The Talentcube app: mobile, simple, personal

Based on these findings, the three founders developed the Talentcube concept: an app in which applicants can easily enter their data and documents and present themselves to potential employers with a video presentation. The highlight: companies deposit 3 individual questions about their job advertisement, which the applicant answers in the video. As interested candidates cannot prepare themselves for this, recruiters get an authentic and personal impression of the candidates even before the interview. These in turn have the opportunity to score points with their knowledge, charisma and personality regardless of their CV.

Wouldn’t this be something for the techie Frank Thelen or the family entrepreneur Dagmar Wöhrl, who could apply the approach of Talentcube directly in their own companies? The founders are curious to see if one of the lions will bite: “We have built up Talentcube to date without external financing, completed the development phase and are already achieving good sales. Therefore, we are currently looking for an investor who, like us, thinks in an innovative way and thinks outside the box. We would like to dust off the personnel department and make the application process leaner and more visual – away from the selection process based purely on a scheme. This is not an easy task, but a highly exciting one!

Talentcube can be seen on Tuesday the 21st November 2017 at 20:15 on ”Die Höhle der Löwen”.

About Talentcube

Talentcube is Europe’s leading solution for mobile video applications and an expert for modern applicant approach via smartphone. The company was founded in 2015 by Hendrik Seiler, Sebastian Niewöhner and Sebastian Hust. The founders know each other from their studies of business informatics at the Duale Hochschule Stuttgart. In 2016 the trio moved to Munich to continue their project at the Entrepreneurship Center thanks to funding from the LMU Munich. Today, Talentcube has 9 employees and counts more than 50 companies among its customers, including groups such as Allianz and AOK as well as Pharma K, Meltwater and Medical Care from the medium-sized business sector. In September 2017 Talentcube won the HR Innovation Award of Zukunft Personal.

Press contact:
Talentcube GmbH
Leonrodplatz 2
80636 München
Hendrik Seiler
Tel. 089-209 287 26

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