The future of video is phenomenal!

Talentcube is a proud part of the Phenom family. Together, we’re making video an essential component of a holistic talent experience to create a more equitable, collaborative, and efficient hiring process.

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Talentcube, a Phenom company, makes video an essential component of the hiring process.

Accelerate your hiring with confidence
using Phenom Video Assessments

Top talent is on the market for an average of 10 days, but 41 days is the average time to hire across all industries.

With Phenom Video Assessments, recruiters and hiring teams can qualify candidates faster and with confidence. As part of a holistic talent experience, recruiters can engage with and evaluate candidates beyond written words. 

Video Assessments directly reduces time to hire by alleviating screening bottlenecks while providing a consistent approach to screening your best-fit candidates.

Explore the benefits of Video Assessments

accelerate and
scale hiring

Screen more candidates faster — and at your convenience

optimize hiring team collaboration

Share and assess candidates across your hiring teams

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Apply an equitable approach to screening candidates at scale

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