The future of video is phenomenal!

We’re thrilled to announce that we have joined the Phenom family to bring simple, powerful video throughout the entire talent experience to global organisations.

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Talentcube, Europe's leading solution for video application.

An authentic application via video has many advantages.

Apply for every job in the world via video and convince with personality. Whether applicant or company, thanks to Talentcube the application process becomes a unique experience.

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Applicants are enthusiastic about the video application.

Super easy to use!

It was my first video application and I have to say that it was really fun and super easy.


If I ever need to apply again, I will definitely do it via video using the Talentcube app.

Excellent feedback!

I sent seven applications and got invited to six job interviews.

Talentcube in Numbers

Talentcube has 500.000 satisfied candidates Almost 500.000 happy candidates
Talentcube is active with video recruiting in over 34 countries From 84 countries
Talentcube has a very high user satisfaction with video-recruiting Candidate satisfaction 9.2 / 10
video-recruiting is used by 600 employees per day Daily more than 600 active recruiters

Video Application for Applicants

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  • Convince with personality and put your individual strengths in the spotlight.
  • Stand out from the crowd and have 3x better chances to get your dream job.
  • Apply easily and quickly for every job in the world via video.

Video Application forCompany

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  • Identify top talents right from the beginning and save unnecessary job interviews.
  • Enable the direct and easy application via smartphone.
  • 60% cost savings for your recruiting.

Download now and get your dream job.

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