The changing world of work – Success factors transparency and trust – Part 2

If you don’t want to miss out on digital change and want to benefit from the advantages of digitisation, you have to take appropriate measures in recruiting. In addition to new processes, systems and ways of working the employees are also the supporting pillars of the changing working world. Trust, transparency and self-organization of employees and HR management are important success factors for change.

Transparent recruiting throughout the company

As already mentioned in our first part of this series, successful digitization begins with the recruitment of new workers. On the one hand, human resources and people management play an important role here. On the other hand also the specialist departments of a company itself.

HR management must provide the departments with the systems and information they need to participate in the recruitment process themselves. Every employee can search his network and bring new talents on board with the principle “Recruit a Friend” . For managers and HR management it is important to actively support their colleagues. This ranges from further training, for example to conduct successful job interviews, to the provision of suitable application tools.

The specialist departments themselves take over the search, interviews and selection of potential new colleagues in the new world of work, HR creates the framework conditions and conveys the company’s values to the outside world. The career page and online channels around the company must be transparent and authentic. There should be a direct contact possibility to a new potential colleague from the specialist area, so that one can ask at these directly questions.

Not only you as a recruiter or manager want to get to know the applicant as authentically as possible. The applicant also expects a real insight into your values and the daily work routine in your company. Only then will they gain the right talents to actively drive digital change.

Self organisation and trust as success factors in the new world of work

Specialists and executives are thus an extended arm in recruitment in the new digital world. At the same time, they must perform their actual tasks highly efficiently and qualitatively and acquire numerous new skills. In order for this to succeed, a high degree of self-organisation and personal responsibility on the part of the employees is essential.

HR and the management level must provide the right instruments for this. In addition, it is particularly important to give employees the confidence they need and the freedom to successfully organize themselves. Strict instructions and controls are no longer up to date . Colleagues work together freely and independently across all departments. Numerous processes, systems and applications such as project management tools, Scrum and other agile methods as well as self-organized learning are important cornerstones for change.

Establishment of systems and reorganization

In order for your company to keep pace with digital change, it is necessary to adapt the processes, structures and working methods of personnel departments as well as specialists and managers. Thanks to new systems, employees can get to know fast and simple forms of interdepartmental collaboration. Employees are becoming more and more mature Colleagues who act on their own responsibility and in the interests of the company, who think and make decisions . They not only adapt to new tasks, but are also an extension of people management. Because new talents are also an important component for successful digitization.

For the introduction of this new, self-organized way of working, it is first necessary to find out how and with what means you can actively support your employees. Based on the answers and wishes, it is important to change the processes and working methods, mainly by the employees themselves . The employee is free to shape his work, the management provides appropriate support.


To ensure that the change in the world of work in your company is successful and driven forward, it is important to consider a number of success factors. The basic core of recruiting must be adapted. Applicants expect transparency, personality and speed. To achieve this, it is necessary to deploy specialists and managers from the departments themselves as an extended arm of personnel recruitment. For employees to be able to achieve this, they need trust and the freedom to organize themselves, to act on their own responsibility and to make decisions. The management must lead the way here and support the employees with the necessary tools, processes, values and training opportunities. Then nothing stands in the way of successful, digital change in your company.

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