Rock your recruiting – forget the classic application – Part 1

Every day new digital business models are created according to the motto: try, learn, change and try again until success is there. This approach is strikingly different from what has been practiced so far. Products were developed over years to perfection for market maturity and had a pre-defined life cycle. Only after their market launch did they have to face the judgement and feedback of the customers. In quite a few cases, this was devastating. This new way of working also has an effect on the recruiting of employees.

New ways of thinking and acting are also called for in recruiting

But times have changed significantly. After the Industrial Revolution, the Industry 3.0 and 4.0 with their Just-In-Time deliveries, we are in the middle of the Digital Revolution. It has its own laws and parameters. It is characterized by an unprecedented speed and completely different structures and processes. This requires a new way of thinking and acting in companies. One that is based on the principles of agility and self-organization. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that intermediate results are presented to customers or developed together with them according to their needs.

Errors are opportune and an integral part of product development. They are corrected promptly. Feedback from customers in turn flows into further development. The IT units drive this development forward. But the remaining areas in the companies are still “ticking” analogously. This is particularly evident in the first point of contact, the business card of every company, in the human resources department. Here, work is still being done according to the principles of the economic miracle. People like to wait for applications with cover letters, resumes, certificates and application photos. Country by country, this picture still shapes the application process.

The importance of the smartphone in recruiting

Unfortunately, this approach no longer fits in with the necessary agile, self-organized work in companies. In addition, the processes and working methods in recruiting have little to do with the reality of life of the urgently needed tech-savvy employees. They prefer to act with simplicity, speed and transparency in mind. The smartphone plays an important role in their lives and work. It is a “round-the-clock companion”. The smartphone not only keeps them informed, but also helps them find their way around the job market.

Once those willing to change jobs have discovered an interesting job offer, it is best to send their profile directly to the company looking for it. Unfortunately, this is only possible in the rarest of cases. The tech-savvy coworkers, who are so urgently needed, stand before a medium break. They are forced to go to the desktop and are expected to send a cover letter with photo, a detailed curriculum vitae and certificates. This is an unnecessary expense and a deterrent to many interested parties!

But in the background, a new form of advertising is constantly but constantly developing. A paradigm shift is taking place with the video application via smartphone. The video application is the heart of recruiting in the context of the digital revolution. It makes it possible to advertise at any time and from any place. By means of short videos on the essential skills and motivation of the interested party, the applicant attaches the necessary documents or stores them in the app. The application is sent directly by e-mail to the contact person in the searching company.

In Part 2 of our blog, you will learn how a vacancy announcement, invitation, selection process and on-boarding will change.

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