Personnel selection – Suitable procedures

You are facing a problem:
a position in your company is vacant.

Which personnel selection procedure is suitable when?

A successful selection of personnel is a challenge on several levels: You need a new employee who fulfils the professional qualifications, fits into the team, enriches the company image and has the necessary soft skills. If you make the wrong choice and the selected candidate does not meet your expectations, your company may have to reckon with losses, finance major training measures and you may have to start your search all over again after a short time.

The job analysis

In principle, you already know exactly what the new one should look like. Use this knowledge to prepare the recruitment process.

A successful job analysis does not only include a general description of the upcoming tasks, but also the question of their exact scope. Make sure you have detailed knowledge and precisely defined skills. In addition, the question of the context of the activity is essential. Which soft skills are required in addition to professional qualifications? Interview superiors and team colleagues thoroughly so that you can define exactly what you need to pay particular attention to when selecting personnel.

Class instead of Mass – From Prescreening to Adjustment

There are hardly any limits to the inventiveness of the selection process. From classic to ultra-modern – choose the right concept and filter out the right candidate for your company.

Do not underestimate a successful pre-selection! Application documents are an indispensable tool for personnel selection, but are usually glossed over and not very meaningful. More than an overview of professional qualifications is often not possible. With the help of Online-Assessments the flood of uniform application documents can be very well reduced to a healthy minimum.


In selfassessment, you leave it to the candidates themselves to decide whether they want to get fully involved for the first time or whether they want to realise that they do not fit 100% into the company. With specific tasks, questions and assessments, you skillfully sort out those candidates who certainly do NOT fit into the company.


A special form of online assessment is Recruitainment, a mixture of recruitment and entertainment. This offers a number of advantages over conventional methods. Let your applicants become active! In a kind of computer game, they can perform various tasks that require specialist knowledge on the one hand and test social competence, leadership behaviour or problem-solving skills on the other. Have you ever had to deal with candidates who looked really good on paper, but were unfortunately unable to cope with the pressure of the process? The playful character of the Recruitainment reduces the stress clearly, raises the motivation thanks to built-in Highscore and Level-Ups and grabs the applicant at his emotional side. Successful recruitment doesn’t answer the question whether the candidate really wants the job, but whether he is really up to the task.

Recruitainment is not limited to virtual reality. Invent scavenger hunts, monopoly rounds and theme events to get to grips with the team spirit, leadership skills or stress level of your future employee.


An attenuated form of the prescreen is the more down-to-earth Assessment-Center with which you put your candidates through their paces. Here, too, the focus is on concrete tasks, questionnaires, assessment forms and presentations. Only the game character is omitted. For the applicant, this is again clearly about the question of getting the job by completing all tasks in an exemplary manner and withstanding the scrutinizing gaze of personnel managers, psychologists and team leaders.

However difficult and ingenious special aptitude tests of a virtual or real nature may be – in the end you are dependent on a personal assessment in a classic conversation . In order to make this as successful as possible, you should neither rant off general questionnaires nor place too much emphasis on gut feeling and sympathy. Structure the interview sensibly and ask specific questions that correspond to the desired requirements. The advantage of a relaxed atmosphere also applies here. If the applicant had in the apron opportunity to provide itself a clear picture of the written out place and to bring in its personal commitment, it will stand for you substantially free speech and answer.

Which process is right for you?

You have to adapt the effort and benefits of personnel selection. If you are looking for a suitable trainee for your ten-man company, an elaborate assessment centre is disproportionate.

The entire spectrum of the prescreen is worthwhile if a correspondingly large number of applicants must be taken into account during the recruitment process. Also consider that personality and aptitude tests could also have a deterrent effect on prospective applicants and should therefore be used very sparingly and purposefully.

Job analysis, prescreen, personal interview – these are your most important tools for a successful personnel selection.

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