Mobile Recruiting “Bye Bye – Post and Pray”

Many employers still practice so-called “post and pray” procedures. This means that as a company they publish a job advertisement, for example in online job exchanges, and then do nothing more. After publication, they simply wait to see if and when the first applicants will be available. Only very few recruiters actively pick up potential candidates. Mobile recruiting with active candidate approach works differently.

“Post and Pray” no longer contemporary

Such procedures have worked very well in personnel selection in the last decades, but today this is long outdated. Due to demographic change and new media behaviour, “post and pray” can hardly find potential, committed employees. Every day, every one of us is on the Internet with his smartphone to inform himself, to shop, to make contacts, but also to look for new jobs.

The application process must therefore also be adapted to the established media behaviour in order to pick up the potential applicant digitally and on the move at any time. And this must be done throughout the entire application process. Candidates should not only find a job with mobile devices, but should also be able to apply directly to them. “Although many companies are still lagging behind in terms of digital transformation and new applicant approaches, there still seems to be a gradual upheaval” (Source:

Modern ways in recruiting

In order to find the right candidates, especially in times of employee markets and within the mobile world, and to stand up to the competition, it is necessary to rely on innovative, modern application processes.

One way, for example, is to offer candidates the opportunity to complete application forms via Social Connect, i.e. with one click by linking to Xing or Linkedin. Furthermore, applicants should have the possibility to apply directly with one click, even while on the move.

An increasingly popular option is the video application. Applicants can present themselves particularly authentically and you as a company get an insight into how the candidate appears and communicates. So you can estimate still better whether the applicant fits to you and in clearly shorter time.

Furthermore it is important to pick up applicants on social media channels, be it with the targeted distribution and application of job offers or directly with the possibility that applicants can establish the first contact to your company through this. It is also best to contact a mentor from the company, whom a candidate can directly contact and interview. Some companies already practice this today. This creates transparency and direct, timely communication. Other, more innovative approaches are particularly important for companies that are particularly frequently looking for employees in areas such as logistics, retail, care or gastronomy. Because potential candidates for such jobs rarely search on online job exchanges.

It is important to actively contact potential candidates and applicants before they apply to your company. Continually expand your employer brand, especially through social media channels, and store data on potential candidates in talent pools that you can draw on on a regular basis.

Advantages of mobile recruiting processes

Mobile and above all fast application processes are not only essential to gain a competitive advantage. In addition, they can be handled more quickly and cost-effectively. Key figures such as “Time to Hire” or “Cost to Hire” can thus be significantly reduced compared to traditional recruiting measures.

This is especially essential in areas where positions have to be filled very quickly. This is often the case in call centres, care centres, gastronomy or logistics. But also for companies looking internationally for employees, video applications and Co. are an ideal way to find suitable applicants in a shorter time and to save money by saving travel and interview costs.

In addition, the danger of incorrect settings decreases. Although fewer applications are received via video applications, for example, these are much more qualified. In addition, the applicant can be better assessed, which reduces the risk that he or she will not fit into the company after all. Thus one saves again costs, since the place does not have to be written out again.


In order to benefit from these advantages, to reach the right applicants, to strengthen the employer brand and thus to gain a competitive advantage, you as a company should therefore rather take a more modern approach to recruiting sooner than later. Above all, pick up your candidates on the move instead of relying on outdated procedures such as “post and pray”.

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