It’s a Match – 6 Reasons for Video-Recruiting

Video Recruiting is part of recruitment and helps your company increase the number of qualified candidates. This saves time, money and costs and you know exactly who is facing it – essential in today’s job market and digital change. But why should you as a company rely on video recruitment? Read the following 6 reasons that speak for Video-Recruiting!

1. Save valuable time

Who doesn’t know it? We look through 100 applications, conduct a huge number of telephone interviews and not even a fraction of the applicants are invited for an interview afterwards. And then only two to three applicants really come into question. In the meantime, you have invested weeks of work that you could have used elsewhere. Video-Recruiting saves you a lot of time and minimizes the effort in recruiting many times over. You can create a fixed questionnaire consisting of three questions. The applicants then answer these questions via the app or via the browser. All you have to do is watch the videos and invite the best candidates. Hours of viewing applications and conducting telephone interviews are a thing of the past.

2. Save costs with Video-Recruiting

Thanks to the faster and more effective application process, you can reduce your time-to-hire to about half the time when using video recruitment. This results in significantly lower recruiting costs. Because fewer interviews save time, administration and travel costs and telephone interviews can even be saved completely. Thanks to the short video presentations of the candidates, which answer their questions exactly, you can much more easily assess whether the candidate suits you or not. This accelerates the recruiting process many times over – vacancies are filled faster.

3. Integration into your own HR system

Video-Recruiting at Talentcube doesn’t mean that you have to put extra effort into managing another platform. Thanks to an interface to common HR systems, you can view and evaluate all applications directly in your system. All applications – whether received via Video-Recruiting or in the classic way – remain bundled for you in a central location.

4. Strengthen employer branding & candidate experience

Video Recruiting helps you strengthen your employer branding. Thanks to easier contact, fewer hurdles in the application process and the high level of transparency that Video-Recruiting also offers the applicant, the candidate experience is greatly increased for the candidate. This in turn has a positive effect on the entire employer branding. The probability that potential candidates will recommend you as a company and leave good marks on Xing and Co. also increases significantly.

5. Competitive advantage thanks to Video-Recruiting

Attracting highly qualified applicants and young professionals is becoming increasingly difficult. With Video-Recruiting, you stand up to the competition and your company is positively highlighted by potential candidates. They make it much easier for young professionals to apply for open positions and ensure that their application process is also mobile accessible.

6. Reach more applicants

In the past, vacancies were only posted on the company’s own website. Here and there in portals like Stepstone and Co. But their competitors are also represented there, and the probability that potential applicants will find their job there is becoming increasingly smaller. And hoping that future employees will consciously look for you and the vacancies is also fatal in the War for Talents. As part of the Video-Recruiting process, we give you your own landing page where you can present yourself – this strengthens the employer branding and at the same time you have another channel, including our app, through which you can be found by your target group. In this way you also attract the attention of potential candidates you might not have found otherwise.


You see – Video-Recruiting offers you numerous advantages. You save time and money, increase the number of qualified applications, strengthen confidence in your employer brand and gain an important competitive advantage. In addition, you can present yourself via video and with your own suitable landinpage to convince applicants of yourself and reach more applicants at the same time. That’s how the match works for both sides, quickly and cost-effectively.

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