Employer Branding in Recruiting

Employer Branding – Digitisation and experience are in demand!

In HR departments, there are currently many challenges to be faced: demographic changes, the paradigm shift from the employer to the employee market, the change in values by Generation Y and technological developments – all of these topics are likely to fill books. For this reason, this article will focus on the topic of employer branding. Employer branding, i.e. measures that increase the attractiveness of an employer, are more important today than ever before.

What does today’s employer branding look like?

In order to answer this question, one should become more aware of the development of employer communication.

Before the advent of career networks, but especially before social media, employers primarily talked about themselves. This was done through brochures or print ads. Due to a lack of technology, this one-way communication was not so easy to overcome.

With the rapid development of the social media, completely new possibilities also arise for employer communication. It is possible to move from one-sided communication to dialogue with potential employees, although many companies still shy away from this or have not yet recognised it.

And that’s not enough, the development doesn’t stop, in 2016 “mobile” will be the new buzzword, which at the same time means more challenges for a company.

Talentcube has summarized the following five developments that will influence employer branding in the future.

Apply digitizing

Nowadays, employers, especially their recruiters, must have a basic understanding of the technical possibilities of modern application processes. Use new recruiting tools not only to make it easier for your candidates, but also to benefit yourself. Of course, there is a wealth of tools available, not all of which can and should be used, but many applications can make your job easier. From intelligent matching algorithms to mobile application apps to video interview tools that simplify your recruiting.

Social Media & Mobile Recruiting

The Y & Z generation in particular are already using their smartphones to look for jobs today and are preferably found in social networks. If your company’s presence on Facebook, XING or LinkedIn is also communicated authentically, emotionally and personally, this target group of applicants can be addressed convincingly. It is important that social media is not an advertising channel, but lives from dialogue. That is why prompt reaction is extremely important. Since many applicants are almost exclusively mobile, most of them are always and everywhere online – and expect the same from companies. Well optimized career pages of your company and an active exchange with the applicants are essential for this reason.

Social Competence

Thanks to the paradigm shift mentioned at the beginning, companies must meet applicants even more authentically at eye level. Therefore, you should know the expectations and needs of different generations and applicant target groups. The task of modern HR departments is to act as an “interpreter” between the applicant and the specialist department.

Business understanding

Personnel managers should have a good understanding of the corporate strategy and be able to explain it to applicants in an understandable way and convince them of it.

Candidate Experience

Also in recruiting it is enormously important to inspire the candidate during the entire application process in order to convince him of the company and not to lose him during the process. For this you have the most different possibilities, starting from an appealing job page, up to a simple and manageable application process. You do not believe at all how positively an applicant perceives a personal contact person on the job advertisement. Pick up the candidates when they have questions.

Use media content such as pictures and videos to introduce the team and the working environment. In addition, complicated and time-consuming application forms should be avoided, limit yourself to the most important information you need from your applicants. You will already see with few optimizations you can improve your external appearance and thus your Employer Branding and inspire applicants so that this their positive experiences also in the circle of friends and acquaintances share.


In summary one can say that in today’s personnel marketing it is important to create an experience for the job seeker during the application process. This is best done digitally.

Won’t want to do everything yourself – accept help

The development in employer branding with topics such as talent and candidate experience is so dynamic and complex that the old idea of wanting to do everything yourself does not usually get too far. The operation of various platforms (print, website, social media, mobile…) up to matching algorithms and the individualization of personnel marketing and recruiting processes can only be guaranteed if special departments are available. Corporate groups can afford this, but most medium-sized and small companies are not in a position to do so. For this reason, you should get an overview of the abundance of recruiting tool providers and decide for yourself which tool is best suited for your company and your specific requirements.

Strengthen your Employer Branding

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