Candidate Journey – This is what applicants value

The application process is one of the cornerstones for a trusting relationship between companies and applicants, according to the Candidate Journey Study 2017. meta HR and’s study deals with the “journey of a job seeker”, which he has to take from the job search to his new job. It divides this journey into six different phases. The study shows what applicants especially eight put on, what companies have to do to be for applicants alsoattractive in the future.

Candidate Experience as Part of Candidate Journey

The Candidate Journey is divided into six different phases. The first four are part of the Candidate Experience, while the last two are part of the Employee Experience:

  1. Orientation and job search
  2. Transmission of application
  3. Participation in selection procedure
  4. Decision and communication of results
  5. Onboarding or entry
  6. Integration and retention

Within the first four phases it is important to provide the applicant with positive application experience. These four phases are decisive for whether a job seeker decides for the position in a company or not.

Positive applicant experience – the three most important phases of the candidate journey

Positive applicant experience - the three most important phases of the Candidate Journey

As early as phase two, the sending of the application, you as a company can score points, but you can also do a lot wrong. Email applications are still very popular among companies. But traditional letter however become with applicants increasingly unpopular, just like cumbersome application forms.

In order to pick up the right “Talents” in particular, always and everywhere, it is important to rely on the correct application form. A positive feature for applicants, for example, is the option of filling out forms via Social Connect with the data stored in Xing or LinkedIn. So-called one-click applications are also becoming increasingly popular. Here job seekers have the possibility of sending the profile deposited for example in job stock exchanges to enterprises with one click.

disadvantage of this standardized, very fast form is, however, that companies are less able to assess the candidate and it is difficult for the applicant to stand out as an individual. However, this is particularly close to the hearts of many candidates. Because applicants do not only want to be seen as part of an anonymous mass, but also as the person behind it and as a potential, valued new employee.

An increasingly popular application alternative that highlights the personality of the candidate is the video application. Here the prospective customer can present himself ideally, show himself authentically. Through little standardized questions the comparability remains guaranteed and at the same time sinks on both sides of the time expenditure. This concerns the writing of an application on one side and the evaluation of the profiles on the other side.

Slim processes are not enough – this is important for today’s job applicants

However, lean, fast application possibilities and processes are not sufficient to anchor the company positively with potential employees. According to the Candidate Journey study, there are a few other points that are important to applicants today.

Time response

You should answer each application within a maximum of one day. This is because an applicant invests a lot of time in an application and shows you that he or she can well imagine you as an employer. The candidate would like to experience the same esteem. A quick personal reaction, even if it is only a confirmation of receipt, already contributes to the positive canidate experience.

Regular updates on the status of your application

However, it is not enough to send a confirmation of receipt and then not report for weeks. Let the candidate know if he is qualified for the job or out of the race. Give a rough estimate of when he can expect the decision and stick to it.

Personal contact with the future team

Give your potential employee the chance to get to know his possible new job and the team. This has a positive effect on the Candidate Experience. It gives the candidate a personal impression of his potential future job. Such possibilities can be the extra spark, which finally causes the applicant to become a new employee in your company.


/Applicants of the future legen large value on short, fast application possibilities, die sie anytime und auch von mobile terminals off useful can. They want to be valued and treated as individuals. For you as a company, the challenge is to master the balancing act between standardization, short processes and individualization. New, innovative forms of application such as video applications, quick reactions and a personal touch help you to bring the right talents to your company.

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