Addressing Candidates – The Two Faces of Online Recruiting

Digitisation is increasingly finding its way into almost all areas of a company. Only Human Resource Management is often lagging behind. This shortcoming already begins with the candidate approach. Although HR manages to partially digitalize its processes, the mobile optimization of application processes, for example, has not yet fully established itself for every step . In this case, companies are in danger of losing valuable candidates at the very beginning of the process when approaching candidates.

Application processes still only partly mobile

The majority of jobs still come classically through job advertisements. About 91 percent of those who started a job last year actively searched for it themselves. Sophisticated job advertisements are therefore essential. But in times of digitalization this is by no means enough. Because only if the job ads are optimized for mobile devices , as well as their own career pages, will companies succeed in addressing the right candidates and young professionals.

This trend has been recognized by most companies today. However, they do not yet consistently act accordingly. Many have responsive career pages and offer their job advertisements also on mobile optimized career portals like Xing, LinkedIn, StepStone or This is how you reach the right target group. At the same time, your own job advertisements are also optimally prepared for the digital world. But during the actual application process , i.e. the moment when potential applicants want to transfer their data to companies, a media discontinuity occurs in a large number of companies. Because the processes for the transmission of the data, resumes and certificates and thus the core piece of the application process, are frequently not yet optimized for the mobile world. The candidate approach receives a media break here.

Consequently implement mobile application processes

A such media break frightens especially talents who are already in a permanent job and do not necessarily have to change, often . The best mobile optimized job advertisement does not bring anything, if the applicant drives then only once home, the Desktop PC and/or laptop up drives and the place again raussuchen must, before he can send off his application. In addition the writing of a covering letter deterrs it. For this some hours must be spent partly for the development. In a market that has meanwhile changed into an employee market, this also discourages many committed and highly competent interested parties. The response rate drops and the candidate approach becomes negative. To ensure that these valuable employees do not “get through the clutches” of companies, it is important to consistently adapt processes to digital transformation and market changes .

This means that the application possibilities for mobile devices must also be optimised. This applies to the application forms as well as the application management system, the assessment and selection procedures. Keep the mobile application possibilities as simple and reduced as possible. That means among other things, that lengthy, extensive covering letters are omitted. Only the most important data should be queried. The aim is to make it as easy and simple as possible for interested parties to approach candidates. Detailed information and certificates can still be obtained by fitting the central criteria from the CV in a later step of the Candidate Journey. Modern, mobile applications initially concentrate on a few facts . Career and previous performance are initially the focus.

If the basic information and data about the company and the job advertised match, it is advisable, for example, to have a short follow-up telephone call . Afterwards, the potential new employee can still send the necessary documents, if both parties agree. Who would not like to do already in the first step without the estimate of the motivation and personality of the applicant , can use for example video applications . Over this application form these factors can be judged even still better, than over traditional covering letters.

The personnel management has to decide for which jobs shortened, mobile processes are suitable individually . In addition it applies to communicate actively that the enterprise offers the possibility of the mobile application. Besides each application, all the same whether over Smartphone, E-Mail or by form for application, must be treated and judged equivalent.

Continuous evaluation of the candidate approach and the mobile application processes

If you want to consistently adapt the application process to the digital corporate world, you should also keep an eye on the most important key figures . This is the only way for companies to find out whether the measures taken so far have been worthwhile in the context of approaching candidates. In how far the right methods for the respective position and the respective specialist area are used and whether applicants are satisfied with them. There are some key figures that need to be evaluated regularly:

  • the number of applications via the mobile channel
  • the ratio of attitudes to the number of applications for the mobile channel
  • the time-to-fill, i.e. the time required from the personnel requirement report to the occupation
  • the costs per job occupation
  • the satisfaction of the specialist departments
  • In addition, it is important to repeatedly review the Candidate Experience to query, in order to uncover possible weak points in the application and Recruiting process in time.


If you as a company want to attract young professionals and talents to your company ahead of your competitors, a consistently mobile, optimised application process is essential when addressing candidates . Especially the young generation jumps off frustrated if they cannot apply comfortably, quickly and from anywhere. Although the changeover involves some effort in this respect, this pays off overall . They will find more suitable candidates, increase their positive experience at the Candidate Journey and save time and money through more efficient and shorter processes.

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