Why not apply to any job you want with an unsolicited application – Part 2

Adjective a No Go in a speculative application

Most of the time the candidates don’t find a single point or comma when it comes to skillfully presenting their know-how and their own personality in an unsolicited application video. Thus many applicants overload their video with supposedly meaningful adjectives and long sentences. They want to bring their motivation and organizational talent to the fore. But less is more! Personalists want to see nouns.

Convince HR managers with nouns and concrete examples that describe your skills. So don’t say “I have innovative solutions, high flexibility and strong organizational skills.” But “I have flexibility, knowhow and commitment.” An extra emphasis and naming too many of your soft skills as reliable, committed, talented etc. seems unprofessional and quickly exaggerated. You dilute your profile with it. Adjectives are not gap fillers, but quickly seem like empty phrases in your application video.

In general you should avoid the following adjectives:

“Innovative, inventive, well-rounded, talented, quick-witted, visionary, intelligent, advanced, conservative, economical, strategic, satisfied or groundbreaking”. They make no concrete statement about you as a person. If you still choose such an adjective, then prove it with a situation in which you have proven it.

Tips and tricks for your adjectives in the speculative application

Many companies want employees who are team players and stress resistant. Recruiters are always looking for applicants who want to be coached, develop themselves further and are open to change. Concrete examples will help you to present your skills and previous experience well. Describe where and how you have used your team skills so far.

Here your personality analysis helps you very well, as explained in part I. By preparing your personal skills beforehand, you can now upgrade your soft and hard skills with the following adjectives. These are called exceptional adjectives:

Teamworking, empathetic, emotional, patient, willingness to learn, critical, determined or organized

With these exception-adjectives you score with the personnel. Because these are the so-called ‘good’ adjectives, which should not be missing in a (proactive) application. Especially the adjectives “team-oriented”, “willing to learn” and “organized” actively demonstrate your soft skills.

You are a team player / empathic: You integrate well and quickly into the new team. HR professionals want to see integration and cultural fit. You are sensitive and understanding towards other colleagues.

You are willing to learn / can criticize: Department heads, superiors and HR managers want employees who can be coached. They are looking for candidates who can react openly to change and adapt. You deal professionally with criticism and work on suggestions for improvement.

You are organized / determined: You know how to prioritize your tasks and projects. You can work independently.

After you have structured your content systematically and purposefully, you should also consider the following factors in a video application. You are particularly convincing with:

  • clear and precise statements
  • short and understandable sentences
  • with a friendly facial expression as well as
  • the clothes suitable for the job

Now it’s on the seats, done, click and go.

Why not apply to any job you want with an unsolicited application - Part 2

Gorgeous You to get to know

In the end, an unsolicited application depends on exactly one goal. As an applicant you want to be invited for a personal interview. With a successful unsolicited application, which you can also submit via the Talentcube App, you show the company your motivation and your individual expertise. Always make sure that your unsolicited application is not a 08/15 application. This should be individually tailored to a company and your desired field of application.

If you want to be successful as a candidate in an unsolicited application, then you have to know exactly what you want to present, at when you want to market yourself and how you want to introduce yourself in a video interview.

In an unsolicited application, you make a good impression with your personality, your commitment and your interest. This ensures that you have a good chance of finding a position in the company of your choice. We wish you much success!

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