Via Video to your future training place – How innovative application works

Guest article – AUBI-plus, Hüllhorst: Smartphone pulled out, searched the Internet for free apprenticeships, found an interesting company – and then? Normally for you it means now: mobile phone away and ran to the PC, in order to provide covering letter and curriculum vitae. But a new type of application, the video application, now enables you to apply directly via your smartphone to the training company of your choice.

Why to use the video application for an apprenticeship?

Preparing one’s application documents for a company is often not only a little tricky, as these should ultimately be individual and personal, but can also take some time. With the video application you can easily answer three questions in a short video, which the training company asks you, and send your application for a training position directly via your smartphone. Depending on your needs, it is also possible to add your CV or other documents.

With the mobile phone video you not only manage to send your application for an apprenticeship within a short time, but also to leave a especially personal impression of yourself – your grades don’t matter at this first impression.

What is the process?

To be able to apply via video, you only need a functioning mobile phone camera and the App from Talentcube , then you can get started. You can get the app for free in the AppStore and Google Play Store. You can find information about training and apprenticeships at our cooperation partner AUBI-plus. In advance, each training company that uses the video application has defined three questions that must now be answered. For each question you have 30 seconds to get your answer right and then another 30 seconds to answer it in front of the camera. The result is a spontaneous 90-second video that you can then send to the company.

What you gotta watch out for?

Although the 90 seconds are supposed to be fast in the box, you shouldn’t turn your mobile video between door and hinges. Outdoor swimming pool, ice cream parlour and tram are not exactly the right setting to present you to your dream company. On the one hand because of the clothes, because instead of a bikini or spaghetti top you should rather wear a good blouse or a shirt, on the other hand because of the loud ambient sounds.

The best way to shoot your application video is undisturbed at home, in a bright room with a plain wall as background . Clothes and hairstyle should be clean, tidy and groomed just like in a real
interview. For a good posture we recommend to shoot the video while standing and not sitting down.

To make sure that you can be understood later on, it is best to speak loudly and clearly when answering the questions. Even if you made notes during the 30-second preparation, you should try to speak as freely as possible and not read anything . And of course you should keep eye contact to the camera.

However, don’t worry: the HR staff don’t expect a Hollywood-style glossy video, but simply want to get an authentic impression of you and your personality. So just be yourself and don’t pretend!

From when is the video application possible?

The video application function is available to training companies that have been using AUBI-plus since June for selection in the AUBI-plus career portal. So you can not only find the right training place on your smartphone, but also introduce yourself personally to many training companies within a few minutes!

Further information on cooperation can also be found at apply via video

You are convinced by the new standard?

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