Get the Job – Ideal Preparation for your Job Interview – Part 2

In part 1 “Get the job” you have learned how to prepare yourself mentally and with the right attitude for a job interview. Now we have some tips for you on how you can prepare yourself for the upcoming interview.

Preparing for the job interview

The appointment promise for the interview has arrived. The next stage of preparation for your job interview is now important. Because every trained personnel manager quickly notices whether you have prepared yourself and are motivated. You should pay attention to this. You should deal with this:

Curriculum vitae, cover letter or what you said in the video interview you master completely: In the interview you should have these contents in mind. Sometimes, personnel managers try to get you out of your reserve with “false statements”.

Company information: Often you are faced with the question of what you already know about the company or what challenges you see for the company? Here you have to score points. This is how you show that you have done your homework! What are the main products; the services? Are there any current news about the company? In which environment, in which market does the company operate? Take a look around the website, research the net. Memorize the most important services and also look around in the career area of your dream company. This is often where a lot of valuable information is hidden. You should also have the requirements profile from the job advertisement well in mind.

Self-reflection: What are your wishes, goals and most important characteristics? You should make a note of these points in preparation for your job interview. Then check which of the points are relevant for the current job. What makes you the perfect new employee?

Classic application questions: They are often the horror of all applicants. Prepare yourself for them by finding answers in advance. With a fluid answer you can not only convince better, but also feel more comfortable and self-confident.

Usually you can already achieve a lot with authentic, self-confident appearance and motivation. Because specialized knowledge and certain authority can be learnt and acquired. Nevertheless, you should not ignore these points.

Get the job - the ideal preparation for your job interview - Part 2

Expertise, skills and experience in a job interview

In addition to personal qualities and the question of how well you fit into the company and the team, specialist knowledge and previous experience are also important. In a job interview, your counterpart will usually also want to find out how well you know the company, the industry and the specialist area.

Questions about the industry and case studies are therefore not uncommon. Prepare yourself for the fact that you will also be examined from a technical point of view. To do this, it is important to deal in advance (if possible) with possible advantages and weaknesses of the company in relation to your potential new position. You will also often be asked about your previous successes and failures and how these can be of significance for the future position. Think about suitable answers in advance.


If you want to convince in the interview, the preparation is the be-all and end-all. So you take the excitement away from yourself and show sovereignty and motivation. Go into the conversation with self-confidence and show your authentic personality without pretending to be and get your new job.

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