Automated video interviews
for efficient pre-screening

Do you no longer fancy unnecessary job interviews, telephone interviews or assessment centers? Thanks to Talentcube SCREEN®you will invite only top candidates and completely say goodbye to time-consuming recruiting activities.

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Talentcube offers time-shifted video-interviews for efficient pre-selection

Invite only top candidates to the job interview

View more applicants in less time and focus on top candidates through video-interviews

Screen significantly more applicants in less time & focus on top candidates

Talentcube offers with video-interviews direct comparison of the applicants and following correct decisions

Compare candidates together in a team &make the right decisions quickly

Get a authentic first impression before the first interview

Did you know?

Wir konnten die Zeit für die Sichtung von Kandidaten um 63% senken. – Roche

Roche reduced time with video-interviews
Video, text and multiple choice questions

100% flexibility in creating the interview questions

Combine video, multiple choice or text questions with Talentcube SCREEN® to get a comprehensive impression of your candidates. No telephone interviews required and individually tailored to your recruiting process.

The interview questions can of course also be asked in form of individual video messages.

100% your branding

The complete interview experience in your look & feel

The entire platform appears in your design - define logos, colours, background images, texts and much more. Candidates always have the feeling that they are in your application process and a high level of identification with your company is guaranteed.

video-interview - Talentcube allows companies to use their own branding
All-in-one solution

Easy management, screening and selection of your candidates

Invite candidates to the video interview and then wait for their responses without all the scheduling hasse.

View all interviews centrally in one place - alone or as a team. Evaluate the candidates according to individual criteria and make an efficient pre-selection. Everything out of one system.

With video-interview easy management, viewing and selection of candidates
Easy integration

Immediate integration into your applicant tracking system

If you already work with an applicant management system, Talentcube SCREEN® can be integrated smoothly and all important functions are available to you. Your excellent recruiting experience is guaranteed!

video-interview - Talentcube enables direct integration into the applicant management system

First class employer branding

Introduce yourself in a video too

Advantages of a live interview

No more scheduling of video-interviews

No scheduling effort

Invite candidates by e-mail and simply view the interview at any time upon receipt.


Highest applicant acceptance

A ø rating of 9.2/10 shows that applicants are enthusiastic about the video interview via Talentcube.

video-interview - Talentcube integrated into all leading applicant management systems

ATS Integration

Talentcube integrates with all leading applicant tracking systems - no system change necessary.

Quickly compare candidates and make the right decisions with video-interviews from Talentcube

Ready for immediate use

Within 24 hours you will receive the first authentic video interviews.


On any device

The Video-Interview can be conducted via smartphone and PC.

Quick evaluation of the video-interviews in the team

Efficient team recruiting

Review candidates together in a team and make the right decisions quickly.

Candidates receive personal support from Talentcube during video-interviews

Support for applicants

Kandidaten wird bei Fragen und Problem direkt persönlich weitergeholfen.

Talentcube convinces through intuitive use in video-interviews

Intuitive use

Talentcube SCREEN® is very easy to use and requires no guidance.


Highest data security

All interviews are processed GDPR compliant and with respect to the highest ISO standards.

See how it works

video-interview - Talentcube enables individual creation of a questionnairevideo-interview - Invite candidates personally with TalentcubeIdentify top talents directly with video-interviews

1 - Create interview questions

Create an individual questionnaire for each open position. In addition to personal video questions, text questions and multiple-choice questions can be defined to check additional hard facts.

2 - Invite candidates personally

Invite applicants by e-mail to the automated video interview. Our experts and proven templates guarantee you a successful approach.

3 - Identify top talents directly

After receiving the video interviews, you can view them all centrally and compare them with each other. Include HR colleagues and the department in the decision-making process.

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