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Using the smartphone to find an apprenticeship – Cooperation between Aubi-Plus and Talentcube


Munich, 01.06.2017 – In cooperation with Talentcube, Europe’s leading solution for mobile video applications, AUBI-plus now offers users the possibility to apply for apprenticeships and dual study programmes via smartphone. The new developed function of the career and training portal reacts to the changed user behaviour, especially of “Generation Z”.

Pupils today take the digital world for granted. Everything is mainly organized via smartphones. The topic of video has a high acceptance and relevance in the group of 15 to 18-year-olds. Classical cover letter for conventional job applications are perceived as “old-fashioned” and no longer up to date. Moreover, many cover letters are written by parents or relatives. Therefore, cover letters have no real significance with regard to the personality of the applicant.

The cooperation between Talentcube and AUBI-plus does exactly correspond to this development. Since the beginning of June, corporate customers of AUBI-plus can optionally book a video application package when placing a job advertisement. This makes it possible to offer interested applicants the opportunity to apply directly via their smartphone for every job advertisement placed in the job portal. The special feature here is that the classic cover letter is replaced by a much more informative video application. Candidates can answer specific questions which the company has defined in advance.

In addition, applicants can maintain and send their CV via the app. “Today, applicants expect to be able to apply to a company at any time and from any place. The group of 15 to 18-year-olds in particular is very familiar with the use of a smartphone and would like to have transparent and prompt communication during the application process. Also companies benefit from this new and contemporary way of approaching applicants. The videos provide an immediate impression of the personality of a potential new trainee. This enables a direct comparison between several applicants and a quicker decision on who to invite for an interview. This saves time and money. So it’s a real win-win situation for both sides,” says Hendrik Seiler, Managing Director of Talentcube.

“Many companies providing apprenticeships are increasingly faced with the challenge of finding suitable apprentices. As a result of the cooperation, applicants who cannot shine with top marks, but whose personality is convincing enough to be invited to an interview, now have better chances. Using their smartphone, applicants can also see at any time what stage of processing their application is at. The company can communicate directly with the potential new apprentice. In this way, we enable a completely new type of communication between the training company and the school graduate,” says Heiko Köstring, owner of AUBI-plus.

Applicants can use the Talentcube app, which can be found either in the AppStore or Google Play Store, for free. From now on, the app can also be used for AUBI-plus.

About Talentcube

Talentcube is Europe’s leading solution for mobile video applications and an expert for modern applicant approaches via smartphone. Companies use Talentcube as part of their job advertisements to offer their applicants a quick and easy application process. As a result, they can take their recruiting process to the next level of digitisation. The company was founded in 2015 by the entrepreneurs Hendrik Seiler, Sebastian Niewöhner and Sebastian Hust. Companies such as Allianz, AOK as well as Pharma K, Meltwater and Medical Care are amongst Talentcube’s clients.

About AUBI-plus

AUBI-plus stands for “Ausbildung und mehr”. The owner-managed company from Hüllhorst has been a service provider for recruiting, certification and qualification since 1997. Moreover, the company runs the career portal Through this portal AUBI-plus brings together job offers from companies or universities with applications from young people. Free of charge and without registration, young people have access to around 100,000 vacant apprenticeship and (dual) study places, jobs, internships, trainee and graduate positions. In addition to the offers, the portal provides a lot of information on various professions and study programmes as well as tips on how to apply.

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Talentcube GmbH
Leonrodplatz 2
80636 München
Hendrik Seiler
Tel. 089-209 287 26

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