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Live Video-Interviews: Talentcube supplements its range of services


Talentcube supplements its range of services with “live video interviews” and enables even more efficient recruiting.
From now on Talentcube offers its customers the possibility to conduct a live video interview with their candidates. In addition to the video application and the time-shifted video interview, the software provider is now expanding its product portfolio to include the option of conducting a job interview with candidates completely independent of location.

Munich, 01.04.2020 – Talentcube, Europe’s leading solution for video recruiting, wants to make the recruiting process more convenient for companies. Using the live video interview feature, companies can now invite their candidates to a digital interview, evaluate them directly and record interviews for review. This targeted product expansion promises even greater cost and time savings.

With the aid of Talentcube’s product portfolio, companies previously had the opportunity to invite their candidates to submit video applications or time-shifted video interviews. The new product Talentcube LIVE® offers companies the missing piece of the puzzle for a 100% digital recruiting process: From now on, suitable candidates can be invited for live video interviews in order to conduct job interviews completely independent of location and to save travel expenses. This feature completes the 360-degree recruiting experience of Talentcube.

The live video interview operates as a software-as-a-service solution, is set up with the candidates within seconds and the scheduled interview appointments are synchronised directly with the calendar. Talentcube LIVE® is compatible with all end devices. Thus, candidates are free to choose whether they prefer their laptop or smartphone for proceeding the interview.

Up to 100 personnel or candidates can take part in an interview. Direct screen sharing enables an excellent interview experience. Among other things, more complex questions or important information can be shared immediately with the candidate via the screen.

In addition, candidates can be assessed directly in the system and, if required, a complete recording of the interview is possible. This allows the interview to be reviewed, analysed and shared with colleagues afterwards.

With Talentcube LIVE®, Talentcube consolidates its position as Europe’s leading solution for video recruiting and gains another fundamental competitive advantage.

“More and more companies are recruiting their candidates across national borders and need to get the best possible personal impression by purely digital means. With Talentcube LIVE® we are expanding our platform with the simple option of inviting candidates directly to a live video interview. Our customers now have the option of using our platform to depict their application process from start to finish in a completely digital and video-based manner. Especially in times of Corona, when on-site interviews are simply no longer possible, the demand for this new product has increased considerably. We are extremely proud to make this possible with Talentcube LIVE®”. Sebastian Niewöhner, Managing Director of Talentcube.

If you as a company are interested in the use of live video interviews or other areas of application of video recruiting, you will find all further important information at

About Talentcube

Talentcube is Europe’s leading solution for mobile video applications and an expert for modern applicant approach via smartphone. The company was founded in 2015 by Hendrik Seiler, Sebastian Niewöhner and Sebastian Hust. The founders know each other from their studies of business informatics at the Duale Hochschule Stuttgart. In 2016 the trio moved to Munich to continue their project at the Entrepreneurship Center thanks to funding from the LMU Munich. The team and customers of Talentcube are growing rapidly. Numerous concerns such as AOK, Lufthansa, Roche, Kneipp, medium-sized companies and start-ups rely on the advantages of Talentcube. In September 2017 Talentcube won the HR Innovation Award of Zukunft Personal. Since the end of the year, Talentcube ranks among the 100 most innovative companies in Germany.
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