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Carsten Maschmeyer invests in recruiting app Talentcube


Do we fit together? – is the decisive question when it comes to filling new positions. To answer this question, job seekers often have to fill out long application forms and write letters of motivation. The fact that the application process can also be faster – and above all can be done completely on the smartphone – was demonstrated by the Munich young entrepreneurs Hendrik Seiler (30), Sebastian Niewöhner (28) and Sebastian Hust (29) in the VOX programme Die Höhle der Löwen with their recruiting app Talentcube – with success! The three founders received a 400,000 Euro investment from Carsten Maschmeyer! In return, the investor acquires 33.3% of the company shares.

For the three young founders, who know each other from their studies, their day in the cave was a very special one: self-confident and fearless, they made the five lions interested in an investment in their start-up company palatable. And they got hooked on Talentcube! After all, the idea is as simple as it is ingenious: With the Talentcube app, applicants can apply for any job via video in just a few minutes and introduce themselves, their knowledge and their personality, better than in any written CV. Applying has never been so easy, fast and effective.

The advantage for companies: Personnel managers get a first, real impression of the applicant right away and do not have to rely solely on what is written. The lions have also recognised the uniqueness of Talentcube – which is why two of them wanted to invest: Carsten Maschmeyer and Frank Thelen! After a brief consultation, the three start-up founders made their decision: Deal with Carsten Maschmeyer!

“Carsten Maschmeyer and his team are the perfect investor for us! His sales experience, his huge network and the many other start-ups in which he is involved and with which one can exchange ideas are of particular help to us right now,” says Sebastian Niewöhner.

Carsten Maschmeyer is also fully convinced of Talentcube: “We live in a “war for talents”, it is becoming more and more important and therefore more costly for companies to find the right employees. There is nothing more unpleasant in an interview situation than to find out after one minute: I can’t deal with the person opposite me. And vice versa for personnel managers who notice after just a few sentences: It won’t work. Then, as a matter of courtesy, have an interview for half an hour. With Talentcube the whole application process becomes more efficient and cost-effective. A revolutionary idea.”

Talentcube has already convinced many HR managers of well-known corporations: Allianz, Bosch, ProSiebenSat.1, AOK and many others are enthusiastic about the higher hit rate and the enormous time savings in job interviews with the help of the app.

The founders can hardly wait for the broadcast to bring Talentcube to an audience of millions. “Since the recording, everything proceeded very quickly: Carsten Maschmeyer’s team supported us right from the first moment. We quickly agreed on the contract details. Now we are looking forward to accelerate with our new investor”, says Hendrik Seiler.

About Talentcube

Talentcube is Europe’s leading solution for mobile video applications and an expert for modern applicant approach via smartphone. The company was founded in 2015 by Hendrik Seiler, Sebastian Niewöhner and Sebastian Hust. The founders know each other from their studies of business informatics at the Duale Hochschule Stuttgart. In 2016 the trio moved to Munich to continue their project at the Entrepreneurship Center thanks to funding from the LMU Munich. Today, Talentcube has 9 employees and counts more than 50 companies among its customers, including groups such as Allianz and AOK as well as Pharma K, Meltwater and Medical Care from the medium-sized business sector. In September 2017 Talentcube won the HR Innovation Award of Zukunft Personal

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Press contact:
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