Talentcube, Europe's leading solution for video application.

Developed together with applicants and recruiters, all sides benefit from a personal and simple application process.

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All important functions at a glance

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Easy onboarding

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Ready for immediate use

Within 5 minutes you will benefit from Talentcube in your recruiting process. You can get started instantly and inspire candidates with the video application.

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Usable worldwide

Talentcube is available worldwide and translated into several languages so that every candidate can easily apply.

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Optimized for smartphone & web browser

Your candidates can submit the video application on any device. Talentcube is available for all smartphones and browsers.

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Easy integration into existing systems

Talentcube can be easily and efficiently integrated into your existing applicant tracking system.

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Import function of applicant data

Using the import function, you can automatically add any relevant applicant data into your system and send personalized invitations.

Efficient communication

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Direct applicant feedback

Give your candidates direct feedback and inform them of how to proceed. They will be informed via the app and by e-mail.

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Tracking of recruiting channels

See exactly where your candidates are in the application process and take optimising actions to receive even more applications.

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Objective evaluation criteria

You can evaluate your candidates in the categories personality, qualification and motivation. You also have the option of making a general assessment.

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Auto reminder for applicants

Candidates who have been in the application process for some time are automatically reminded to complete the video application.

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Templates for communication with applicants

A multitude of customizable templates are available to communicate with your candidates.

Privacy & Security

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100% GDPR compliant

Our service fully complies with the basic EU data protection regulation. You can use us without hesitation.

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Individual access rights

Create your own internal structures and assign individual access rights. Thereby you ensure that all relevant employees contribute to the decision-making process.

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Secure forwarding of applications

The applications of your candidates can be forwarded within the company. It is protected from external unwanted access.

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Automatic deletion of applicant data

After the legally prescribed period of six months, all applicant data will be automatically deleted from your system.

Offer your candidates the best possible application experience.

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