The Ultimate​ Cheat Sheet for your LinkedIn- and Xing- Profile

The following tips will help you create your LinkedIn and Xing profile!

The current career networks XING (for the DACH region) and LinkedIn (International) are becoming more and more important. Reason enough to subject your own profile to a beauty treatment. In the following Talentcube gives you some tips to make your profile look as good as possible for potential employers and business partners.

Headline and contact information

The heading of your profile is one of the most important aspects because it is the first impression for a visitor! Use your full name as well as your current job title or position in the company. More about this can be found in point three. Pay attention also to complete and meaningful contact information such as e-mail address, other web pages or (mobile) telephone numbers. You don’t have to enter all possible contact information here. It is better to concentrate on the channels that you actively use and through which you can really be reached. In your profile picture, your face should be placed centrally and have a little space at the top. Whether in color or black and white is a matter of taste. Pay attention to a serious facial expression with a slight smile. A profile with a professional photo in a career network has 14 times as many hits as a profile with no/ casual photo!

Professional photo

As in business meetings or job interviews, the first impression is also valid in career networks. Make your profile photo dependent on the industry in which you are active, with an application photo of a professional photographer you are on the safe side.

Your short introduction

Be concise, creative and use keywords that make it easier for contacts in your industry to find you. Your short introduction should highlight your strengths, your motivation and possibly your goals. Choose a description of your job title that will allow outsiders to connect with something and perhaps add something surprising. However, not generally known anglicisms are misplaced here. So your profile visitors become curious and also read through the rest of your profile – and that is the goal of the whole thing.

  1. offer/ I search – XING
    For the “I offer/ I search” section the same rules apply as for the short introduction at LinkedIn: Be creative and communicate your strengths and goals as concretely as possible. You can also add a little humour here to keep the reader’s attention.

2. Slogan
XING offers a place for your own profile motto, i.e. your slogan. What is your philosophy? What motivates you both professionally and privately? Here is another chance to be remembered with originality.

Optimize SEO

LinkedIn and XING profiles are made public and can therefore be indexed by search engines. And since LinkedIn, for example, has a Pagerank of 9, your profile will be ranked accordingly high. In order to perform well in the internal search of LinkedIn or XING, you can use keywords under which you want to be found well placed. Make sure to repeat your most important keywords, but in a way that doesn’t hinder the reading flow. In general, the more completely a profile is filled out, the sooner you will be found.

Experiences and projects

At this point you describe your professional career as you would in a curriculum vitae. The top priority here is of course the topicality of the information. These are passages that are of particular interest to headhunters. Besides the complete information about your stations, pay attention to a few prestige projects, successes and details that reveal your specific competencies. Avoid buzzwords and show (in contrast to the mere enumeration) your abilities and experiences with the help of key figures, links to projects or awards. LinkedIn can integrate content from various services – for example slideshare slides, YouTube videos and much more.

Let your work speak for itself

With the help of the knowledge (LinkedIn) or “I offer” area (XING) you have another possibility to place your keywords to address employers and business partners. As already mentioned in the previous section, LinkedIn offers you the possibility to include videos, slideshows or other media in the different positions in companies or projects. With this option you can give visitors to your profile an impression of your activities or philosophy. Very useful is also the function to be recommended. Recommendations not only show that you are really active on LinkedIn, but they also give visitors to your profile an impression of your professionalism.

Increase your job opportunities

Simply apply via video to any company of your choice and get the best chances of being invited for an interview.

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