HR Recruiting – Europe lags behind

Technological change is becoming increasingly important in the business world. The human resources sector is not unaffected by this either. Digital transformation is just as essential here as it is in other areas of business, if not even more important. Only if a company has enough highly qualified talent can it secure its long-term international competitive advantage.

However, Europe in particular is still lagging behind internationally in terms of digitization in human resources – North America and even Asia and South America have long since overtaken us. Other regions are much more experimental when it comes to advancing human resource management through new, innovative technologies.

Just one fifth of European companies already use mobile phones as an active application and recruiting channel. IT-supported contact management, tracking systems, video applications or online assessment centres are also used only rarely (source: Korn Ferry Study). Companies from Europe are therefore increasingly in danger of missing out on this trend and thus on important competitive advantages.

Lack of integration between HR and corporate management

Recruiting still lacks strategic planning and close integration with corporate strategy. According to the Korn Ferry study, only around 43 percent of human resource management is in a position to actively support the business objectives of its own company. Many even have no concrete goals at all when it comes to recruiting and developing talent.

Most of them estimate their need for new staff due to recruitment in the previous year. Major market changes or even a buffer for innovation: Nothing to report. This makes it difficult for a company to stand out from the competition and to survive in the face of international competition in the long term.

Managing directors are therefore making more and more concrete demands on HR management. HR should not only screen and recruit candidates, but also understand what the corporate strategy is. The HR measures define with which the strategy is to be supported and which employees are needed. It is important to understand how many and which employees with which competencies are necessary to drive the strategy forward. Department heads and HR managers need to work closely with recruiters. They need to know exactly what the needs are, what plans will be pursued over the coming months and years. They need certainty about the qualifications required by the new employees. Recruiters also need to be able to communicate exactly what their competitive advantage and strengths are. This is the only way they can positively spread the corporate brand. Acting as ambassadors (Korn Ferry study).

Missed market advantages due to missing recruiting technologies

Modern technology in the application process is becoming more and more important and the mobile recruiting revolution is getting under way faster and faster. To date, only 28 percent of respondents to the Korn Ferry study use mobile technologies. However, the trend is clearly rising. Nevertheless, many companies are already offside, because the market and the demand for mobile application processes now exists.

It is essential for companies to recognize new top talents. Addressing and enticing them as directly as possible. Furthermore, to promote their skills in order to be able to survive in today’s market environment in the long term. Top talents can also be lateral entrants who have a special gift. If you don’t keep up and use modern application methods, above all mobile recruiting, you will hardly find suitable candidates. Especially on the international market, so many outstanding employees are lost.

A lack of personnel planning as well as a lack of motivated talents can have a negative impact on the overall position of a company in the international and national market. Consequently, there is a lack of innovation, speed and adaptability. In this way, even companies that are used to success can fall behind. In the worst case even disappear from the market. International competitors are increasingly overtaking European companies, which can have an impact on the overall economic situation.


Only those who use targeted recruiting tools and mobile application processes can work efficiently and with a view to the future. Data from such tools, analytical evaluation and simplified processes are the focus of HR departments. All this can help to sustainably secure and expand your company’s success. Thus to be able to survive in the competition of innovations.

Only those who trade now can compete in the already highly developed markets. Talent managers must maintain a close exchange with personnel managers and managing directors. They must firmly anchor their strategy with that of the company and rely on new recruitment tools at an early stage.

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