Corporate Communication via Video

Internal communication in companies has been taking place since the first email was sent by computer. Information is forwarded by electronic mail or messages are distributed by telephone. Who wants to be brought from the colleague circle on the newest conditions of the things, which should read at the best simply its enamels. Who doesn’t know the sentence from their own employees or bosses: “Have you already read the email?” or “There are internal changes in management – colleagues are informed by email”. There has already been all this. But are emails and telephone calls still the most modern solutions of corporate communication to communicate efficiently between colleagues and management? The answer is definitely no.

If you look at the latest trends on the labour market, Millennium’s innovative technologies are particularly interesting to see in their future employers. This fact is also confirmed by 54% of HR professionals, who demand a video message from the company. It is no longer enough to convince employers with internal marketing and product advertising alone. Corporate communication within the company is extremely important for loyalty to the employer! Here it depends on the intuitive feeling of the personnel department. This means, for example, using the video format to design a company TV. This means of communication enables companies to summarise interesting and important news in just a few minutes. All internal updates and news are presented in this way clearly and comprehensibly.

With video messages to the employer leadership

Video messages inform employees quickly and directly. This medium integrates the circle of colleagues into different business processes. The communication tool video stands as a mediator between the organisation and its target group: the employees. Video communication also makes everyday work more flexible through online seminars and webinars. This type of communication and training is exactly what Millennials expect from their employer. Not only to work with innovative technologies, but to have direct and fast access to all information. This also has a positive effect on the value of the employer brand.

A strong employer image in turn has an effect on a very positive employer branding. Through successful “internal” marketing, the company binds its employees for the long term. Organizations that use video as an internal means of communication promote the digital zeitgeist of our society. Information has to be distributed in an uncomplicated way and colleagues have to be brought up to date immediately. A company video is a modern format that serves to increase competitiveness. In addition, to score with Generation Y. It is important for the development of a credible corporate brand via corporate communication:

  • What values, tasks and traditions does the target group represent?
  • Does the company profile stand out from others and if so, how?
  • How are the values filled with life in everyday working life?
  • An open and timely exchange of information at eye level

This strategy also increases the attractiveness as an employer brand not only for existing but also for new employees. With the communication tool Video, (newly) defined company values and processes can be transmitted easily, quickly and uncomplicatedly. This promotes internal transparency.

Corporate Communication via video

The advantages of video as an instrument of corporate communication

The internal communication via video is contemporary and works fast. It is personal and videos address employees directly. Companies that keep their team up to date with videos benefit from

  • lower fluctuation and less absenteeism
  • Employees feel involved in the business process
  • the team always stays up-to-date
  • better relationship between each other. Improved Team Building
  • Speed of task processing and time saving
  • easy access to resources and information
  • Strengthening the personality as an employer

These aspects lead to higher productivity and profitability. News and updates can be easily presented in videos. Video communication as part of corporate communication is popular and productive. It is an easy learning platform. News and internal news can also be disseminated promptly and effectively.

Positive effects of video content

The way we learn – sounds, images, stories, movement – is enhanced by the medium of video. Different departments save valuable time in meetings and video communication avoids long and time-consuming email traffic. Information can be quickly shared through video. Employees can also access video conferences on a wide variety of devices: From desktop to mobile phones or tablets. Videos can also be played several times so that relevant content can be viewed several times.

Such internal digital messages are also well suited for monthly or weekly online training. New employees can use this to find out about the company’s policy and complete health & safety training courses or read new product updates. New IT processes can be presented to the entire workforce through online webinars.

Furthermore, events, team outings, award ceremonies, etc. can be summarized more easily. This creates a positive image and bond between employees. Above all, this type of corporate communication overcomes continents and time zones. This is especially true for meetings at international locations. Live streams can be followed without any problems and updates can be given by the CEO or new board members can introduce themselves directly and personally.

Videos are a modern and effective tool that are designed to improve internal corporate communications. The company acts as a modern pioneer for digital change. It benefits from employee satisfaction.

A communication tool for the future

Internal employer branding is essential to retain long-term employees. Video communication is not only a tool to quickly spread news internally. It also contributes to presenting itself as an innovative technology company. It is a further element of digitization in working life. Especially with more and more home office work, it is an important component of the exchange of information, because with the help of video communication, information is immediately available to all employees.

In Part 2 you will learn how companies and Millennials can use the video for their recruiting process.

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