Win High Potentials with the right strategies

Companies competing for young talent.

In the past few years, public relations at companies – today long since on everyone’s lips as PR – has become increasingly relevant.

A relatively new development is the so-called employer branding. With the transformation of the employer market into an employee market, this is becoming increasingly important. This applies in particular to the highly competitive group of high potentials.

Money and status were yesterday

The change to Generation Y has not left the high potentials untouched. Whereas in the past a good salary and a representative company car ranked at the top of the list of high-potential requirements for companies, today the expectations of many high-potential employees for the ideal employer correspond perfectly with the general trend of Generation Y. The high-potential employer is now the ideal employer. They too have undergone a change in values: Today’s high potentials consider an inspiring and meaningful job, a minimum of social responsibility, a good team spirit and the feeling of pulling together in the same direction as central factors in the decision for the future employer. In addition, self-determined work, an appropriate work-life balance, flat hierarchies and the respect of superiors for one’s own potential and one’s own wishes are among the essential points on which an employer should pay attention.

The young talents are very well aware of their abilities and are willing to make above-average efforts. The prerequisite, however, is working at eye level with the manager and the other employees.

In the competition for rare resources

What can you, as a company, do to attract attention to the increasingly valuable resource of potential future employees? In essence, employer branding is about recognizing the future manager’s talents and abilities at an early stage and binding him or her to the company. One way to increase the attractiveness of your company vis-à-vis your competitors is to choose the most suitable form of potential analysis. The Assessment Center, as a classic form of potential assessment and selection basis for trainees, should not only be efficient and oriented towards previously clearly defined goals. In addition, a high degree of transparency is essential. Rejected candidates will not be overestimated by the fact that they are offered well-founded feedback in the form of a detailed assessment of their potential, but will rather be well-intentioned – with the corresponding positive scattering effects for the reputation and employer branding of your company.

Another factor should also play a role in the potential analysis: The need of many applicants for the unmistakable experience. This need can be met in many ways. For example, intelligently designed pre-applicant tests that do not unnecessarily stop the candidate and filter out the relevant information in an entertaining way can be an additional incentive. In addition, the digital possibilities should be fully exploited: An attractive alternative to the classic application is the video application via smartphone, another is the selection of applicants by the entire team in the social media networks. The basis for this is an adequate competency model that precisely defines the requirements for high potentials without being too exhaustive.

Requirements for high potentials

In the meantime, a multitude of theories about competency models are circulating in the personnel development of companies and in business administration in general. The topic is anything but trivial, as it no longer depends solely on the requirement for high potentials, but conversely also on the requirement for high potentials in companies. Here it is important to think long-term. In addition to an identification of talents for the next generation of potential based on objective criteria, the immediate result of which is a generation of trainees, the company must be concerned about the medium- to long-term retention of the talents. Only in a continuous feedback process between the definition of goals, the identification of high potentials and the commitment to the employer brand can the future of the company in competition be secured permanently. Further measures in the areas of personnel development and business administration include continuous training for future managers.

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