Video Recruitment as a Communication Instrument – Part 1

Companies that value positive employer branding need to go with the digital trend. Many companies in Germany, whether medium-sized or large, are therefore slowly but surely approaching video recruitment.

Many organizations are already open to video applications because companies want to hire the best talent as quickly as possible. They want to and have to remove hurdles for applicants, such as cumbersome application platforms or lengthy cover letters. Video recruiting applications are more efficient and are more relevant to the millenials required by companies.

But how does external recruiting via video work best? Of course, nothing works without our smartphone, it is used for every everyday activity: Take-away orders, book a fitness lesson in the gym, check the train schedule, etc. The smartphone is an integral part of life; an indispensable habit for more and more people. Especially in business the mobile companion is indispensable.

So why not apply by mobile phone! No matter if using iOs or Android operating system. Creating a digital application folder with a CV and a meaningful video takes much less time than writing a classic application.

Video recruitment on the rise

We can no longer imagine our everyday lives without videos. They are uploaded to YouTube, watched millions of times and shared. So it’s not only logical to use videos actively in internal corporate communication in business, but also in recruiting. And as video recruitment. The video application opens completely new doors compared to the written application.

There are two types of video recruiting: Applicants and HR staff simultaneously conduct an interview via video. This greatly restricts the flexibility of both participants and can be very time-consuming. With the other option, video recruitment is delayed. Here, the HR employee responsible for filling the position can view all incoming video applications one after the other. This is possible at any time from any location.

A direct comparability of the candidates is better than ever. Then only those potential new colleagues are invited to a personal interview who really fit the position both professionally and personally. This saves time and money. It also offers maximum flexibility and transparency in the process.

Advantages for personnel and applicants

In Talentcube’s video application, the candidate receives three questions from the company. The candidate has to answer these unknown questions within 45 seconds. Preparation time and introductory tutorials are included in the app.

An application via video recruiting has the following advantages for the HR employee:

  • Better evaluation: Make a simple and quick decision in advance. In just a few minutes, personnel experts assess whether the candidate fits into the team. Certain criteria such as motivation, presentation skills or personality help them to choose the employee best suited to the position.
  • Faster selection: The selection process also simplifies the “daily business” of the recruiter. The video can be accessed anywhere, so other important appointments or meetings can be attended. The video application can be viewed at any time.
  • “We are innovative”: The personnel manager keeps up with the times. New ideas are welcome and urgently needed in the context of digitization. Companies that welcome video recruiting are at the forefront of the digital trend.

In Part 2, we show how candidates also benefit from the video recruitment process.

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