Video-Interviews as an instrument for “Applicant Fit”

Employers use different methods to get a comprehensive picture of the applicants. After all, they want to make the best possible choice in order to find the most suitable candidate for the vacant position. In the meantime, more and more companies are taking advantage of the advantages offered by time-shifted videointerviews.

The time-shifted videointerview

In a time-shifted videointerview, the applicant answers questions via the video function of his smartphone that his potential new employer has stored for him in advance. After reviewing the application documents or the targeted pre-selection by Active-Sourcing, the candidates receive an invitation to this time-shifted videointerview. This invitation contains a job code that the applicant enters into the app. The app could be downloaded from the app store or play store.

As soon as the candidate has answered the questions by video in a few minutes, the recruiter in charge receives a notification of the videointerview created. The candidate can sit hundreds of kilometers away in his own four walls, while the recruiter can watch the video interviews browser-based at any time from any location. This is also possible for authorized colleagues or other relevant decision-makers. Assessments and comments can be stored in the system. This simplifies the comparison of videointerviews.

Quickly check skills relevant to success

Candidates, recruiters and team leaders do not have to face each other 1:1 at this early stage. Videointerviews save time and money on both sides. Developments show that more and more companies are turning to this recruiting tool. At this point, information from the CV, e.g. business fluent English and the fit of the candidate to the organization, can already be checked. Here, the searching company can, for example, inquire about the following relevant topics:

  • Which values are important to the candidate?
  • What special skills does he or she have?
  • Where would he like to set the priorities in his future position?
  • What is particularly important to him in his new professional challenge?

The answers from the videointerviews of the particularly interesting candidates from the pre-selection give a deeper insight into the special interests, abilities, competencies and above all the personality of the respective candidate. In this way, valuable information can be obtained at an early stage in order to decide whether the candidate really is one of the more promising candidates. At this point “good conscience” can be defined, which 3-5 candidates will then be invited for a personal interview.

The Videointerview – The Procedure

1. After the first screening of the application documents, the most interesting candidates are invited to a time-shifted videointerview
2. The company presents itself to the candidates with its own videomessage and invites them for a videointerview
3. The candidates answer one question each relevant to the position out of the areas of personality, motivation and qualification

The advantages of the procedure

  1. Standardized process: every candidate for a certain position gets the same questions. For companies, this means that applicants become comparable with each other. For the candidate that means: Everyone has a fair chance of success.
  2. Faster decisions: a consequence of standardization. For each position and criterion, the questions has to be stored only once in the system – that’s it! Within a few days the videoanswers of the applicants are there. The recruiter decides which applicant is most suitable for the personal interview. No comparison to the effort involved in coordinating telephone conversations or Skype interviews.
  3. Accurate candidate selection: The questions examine different competence fields (personality, motivation and qualification) and give so a reliable picture over the applicant fit


With the help of the videos, companies gain a personal impression of the most interesting candidates in less than 3 minutes. The videointerviews of all interesting candidates can be compared and also used again within the scope of the fit. In addition, this saves costs to the company and applicant side thanks to browser-based HR software. Furthermore, the preparation and follow-up time for a large number of candidates is eliminated. This applies to candidates for whom you would show after a short time in the interview that they do not fit the position and/or the company.

In addition, no talents and competencies are hidden behind the pure facts, year dates and key points in the curriculum vitae. Many applicants who would actually be ideally suited for a position receive a rejection solely on the basis of formal criteria or breaks in their curriculum vitae. Through a time-delayed videointerview, such candidates also get a real chance to make the leap into a personal interview.

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