Video interview to filter top candidates

What purpose do time-shifted video interviews have?

Time-shifted video interviews are used in the first phases of personnel selection to screen applicants. It should be noted that the interviews are not intended to replace a personal interview with selected candidates. Rather, you as a recruiter should be able to judge better whether the applicant fits into your company and the position to be filled.

The personal impression you get from the video interview allows you to consider an important decision criterion at the beginning of the selection process – the personality of the applicant.

This is often not possible in a conventional application by cover letter, as it is difficult to draw conclusions about the applicant’s communicative abilities. In addition, video interviews provide a more authentic insight into the motivation of your applicants, which can hardly be adequately assessed in classic cover letters.

Through the use of video interviews the personnel selection process becomes more sound and at the same time shorter, which is especially important in the competition for talented specialists. Speed, flexibility and efficiency are important here.

Get to know each applicant personally.

Probably one of the biggest disadvantages in classical application processes is that you can only get a personal picture of a fraction of the applicants. In most cases, the selection process is based exclusively on “hard facts” that an applicant has to fulfil in order to stay in the race. Since your resources are limited, you can only invite a fraction of applicants to an interview.

The disadvantage: promising candidates who would be perfectly suited for the job due to their soft skills cannot be identified.

With the help of video interviews you have the opportunity to get an authentic picture of each applicant. As a standard part of your application process, each candidate goes through a structured interview in which he answers your specific questions. This makes the interviews comparable and meaningful.

For which positions do video interviews make most sense?

Do you expect a relatively high number of applications for your jobs? Then short video interviews are a time-efficient way to pre-select your candidates. The interviews can be viewed within a few minutes and evaluated on the basis of defined criteria such as motivation, presentation skills or personality.

Time-shifted video interviews can also reduce the workload of the entire HR department. Time-consuming appointment coordination, telephone interviews and intensive reworking can be eliminated or significantly shortened. What if your company wants to recruit internationally? No problem, because time differences, scheduling and other coordination efforts play no role with the right tool.

For positions with frequent customer contact, for example in sales or consulting, video interviews can also be ideally used to assess the candidate’s suitability and cultural fit.

Video interview to filter top candidates

The applicant “collection

Studies show that over 70% of applicants consider video interviews to be time-saving and effective.

In order to get as many potential candidates as possible to participate, it is important to “pick up” them and make the added value of the video interview clear to them. It is advisable to inform the candidates about the process and to take away their possible fears. It is best to use the company’s own video message, so that the candidates can get to know you right away. 🙂

Be innovative

If you see yourself as an innovative company, show your potential employees this already in the recruiting process! Video interviews are perfect for addressing and recruiting technology-oriented and communicative candidates.

Young professionals in particular today expect a modern application process in which their needs are addressed and they can show what they really have to offer.

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