The changing world of work – Focus on self-organisation and personal responsibility – Part 1

Digitisation inevitably brings about a change in the world of work. The self-organization and autonomous action of employees are particularly in focus. To make this possible for employees, the HR department and managers must set a good example. Freedom, the appropriate infrastructure, adapted processes and systems are essential pillars in the new world of work to ensure this. The actual change already begins with the recruiting of new employees themselves.

HR departments – drivers of change in the workplace

The digital change in the world of work can only be carried out successfully if the first step into the new world of work, the other way of working, takes place already in recruiting and in the HR department itself. The first step is to establish modern processes and application procedures in Human Resource Management. These processes must guarantee the new requirements for flexible, transparent and highly effective action.

Candidates expect to be treated like business partners at eye level. This includes giving them personal feedback on their application in a timely and direct manner and thus on their interest in working for the company. Do not treat your potential employees as petitioners any longer. Also communicate rejections actively and constructively within a maximum of 7-10 days. Otherwise it will happen quickly that applicants communicate their negative experiences and disappointed expectations in portals like Kununu. This in turn has a negative effect on your employer branding or even on the entire corporate brand. This is fatal, because your current and future employees are an important pillar of digitization


Infrastructure & operating systems as essential cornerstones of the working world

Not only the processes in recruiting that are essential to find inquisitive new employees are of importance. Internal systems and procedures as well as basic rules and values are also important cornerstones of the new strength-based work in networks. Only with the right infrastructure and the necessary framework conditions can you enable your employees to organize themselves and act on their own responsibility.

The appropriate software equipment enables employees to organize themselves, train themselves further and perform cross-departmental teamwork. Digital change is bringing more and more tools onto the market. Internet-based applications and software programs for team organization, project management and further training are ideal aids for employees. The HR department must form the initiative for the establishment of such new systems and also courageously precede the establishment of a digital mindset with a positive example. There must be room for new rules, rituals and modalities of working together. Personnel managers must ensure that all necessary information is available to the employees for the fulfilment of their new tasks. It is about inspiring employees, but not restricting them. This is the only way to advance digitization and tap the full potential of employees.


To ensure that you as a company do not miss out on change, it is important to break new ground in recruiting. The People Management division must therefore take the initiative when it comes to establishing new processes, systems and working methods in conjunction with organization and management so that digital business models are successful. Digital change can only succeed with the right corporate culture, infrastructure and workforce . And only then will it be possible to change work processes towards more self-organization and personal responsibility on the part of employees.

However, the employee himself also plays an important role . They must be increasingly active co-creators and self-decision makers in order not to slow down their own company. You can find out more about the role of the employee as an active designer in change in our second part of this series.

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