Shorten Time to Hire

The world of services is becoming ever faster as a result of digitisation. But when looking for a job, it often still takes several weeks until the potential new employer gives the first feedback. A lot of time is lost through the long process, the time to hire. This affects both the company and the applicant. On the other hand, the preparation of the letter required for decades and indispensable for a new job requires a lot of time. This is not a lot of fun and pleasure and is usually done by a ghostwriter. Thus it has little expressiveness and the cover letter is also only “flown over” by recruiters. Ergo, the applicants “torture” themselves with something that is hardly noticed by recruiters. Mobile recruiting is becoming more and more important. More and more are looking for their new job via smartphone. Digitalisation is fundamentally changing applicant behaviour.

Long Time to Hire – Bad Candidate Experience

It often takes even longer than the application itself for applicants to receive initial feedback from companies. However, applicants are spoiled by the so-called Instant Gratification. No matter if you buy food, clothes, books or the like online – immediately after the click we receive our goods or have them a few days or even a few hours later in front of our door. This is what applicants increasingly expect from the application process.

For many, it is incomprehensible why they sometimes have to wait six weeks or longer for the first feedback from the company. What happens in the meantime is a black box for potential new employees. Nowadays, those who submit their applications expect timely, personal and individual feedback.

Such long waiting times frustrate job seekers. Companies where the time to hire, i.e. the time from the job advertisement to the filling, is too long lose in the battle for the best talents. Inadequate feedback has a negative effect on the entire candidate experience. Candidates are annoyed, choose other companies and often let their frustration out on evaluation platforms like kununu. This in turn can have a negative impact on the entire employer brand and deter future applicants.

Shorten time to hire

Faster Recruiting – Reduce your Time to Hire

In order to counteract this development, it is important to give the job seeker the immediate opportunity to apply. Once they have discovered the job description on their smartphone, they should also be able to apply on the move. Actually a logical consequence. An increasingly popular option, for example, is video application. Here the applicant can present himself particularly authentically. Recruiter get besides an still better view of the personality and the abilities of the applicant. You can also view the various videos one after the other.

But it is not only the possibility of applying itself that must become more modern. The entire process behind it also needs an overhaul. The feedback processes must be optimized in such a way that the response time becomes drastically shorter. Those who optimize their processes correctly can shorten the waiting time to up to 10 days instead of letting applicants fidget for about six weeks.

By shortening your time to hire, you will create a positive image of your own employer brand, improve the candidate experience and save costs for cumbersome and lengthy application steps. In addition, long-term vacancies can have a negative impact on the company’s overall success. If you quickly attract the best talent, you can effectively counteract this negative trend. Applicants must be treated like their own customers and retained for the long term.


Only companies and recruiters who manage to establish a continuously mobile optimized application process can retain applicants in the long run. A shortened time to hire strengthens your own employer brand and company performance. It has a positive effect on the candidate experience and provides a competitive advantage in the search for new talent. This applies in particular to areas in which many young applicants are approached. But also for companies for which applicants are in short supply.

The aim is to make the application process as user-friendly as possible in order to be able to survive in the long term and be attractive as an employer brand. New, contemporary forms, such as video applications, are a logical step towards long-term success.

Reduce time-to-hire by half

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