Rock your recruiting – forget the classic application – Part 2

Part 2 of our blog tells you how recruiting is changing as part of the digital revolution. These changes affect all areas of the search for and recruitment of new team members. This begins with the announcement of a vacant position, the invitation of candidates, the selection process and on-boarding.

New ways in recruiting

More and more companies recognize the necessity and the advantages of agile work also in the area of employee recruitment and support. Agile organizations that have already understood and internalized this idea design their recruiting process differently than classical organizations.

A striking feature is the fact that the teams that need a new colleague to complete their tasks have the last word in the application process. They decide who their future team members will be. The responsible team leader has a veto right at best. Accordingly, the complete procedure changes from the announcement of a vacancy to the on-boarding of a new employee.

The main changes in recruiting:
The tender

HR departments become People Service Management. They receive a briefing from the searching teams with the desired skills and competences for the new colleagues they need. The employees in People Service Management formulate a profile from this. The resulting text is posted on specific platforms, on social media and in focused networks and ideally shared. If the company already relies on an employee referral program, this channel will also be used for recruitment.

The selection

In order for the teams to be able to make an immediate, authentic impression on the interested parties, they do not need a covering letter without diagnostic significance or a styled application photo. An application-video with a short, ideally 2-page curriculum vitae and the most important stations, as well as 2-3 reference contacts, is much more meaningful.

Through a video-application, the applicant has the opportunity to directly express his enthusiasm for the task, for the company, his motivation and his personality. On the one hand, this lowers the hurdle for interested parties to apply. In addition, the time required for the preparation of an application and the time required for the pre-selection by People Service Management to be reviewed is significantly reduced.

The applicant can show in 3 short application videos who he is, what inspires him, what he brings for the job and why exactly he is the right person for the job. Peopleservice Management considers the professional requirements and conducts short, structured telephone calls with the candidates who appear interesting in the pre-selection. The most important points from the telephone calls are stored in the ATS.

After the first supposed fit, the candidates are entered into the recruiting marketplace by Peopleservice Management. Every searching team of the company has access to it. It can get an overview of the applicants on the basis of the videos, CVs and certificates. Focus on the top candidates and contact them independently. The documented status in each case ensures process transparency across the teams.

Getting to know each other and the invitation

After the selection of candidates and the invitation by the team there is a first direct personal meeting and meeting with the team. 2 team members take over this task according to the 4-eye-principle. This task rolls according to available time and interests. In this discussion open questions are clarified, requirements are discussed and competencies are checked.

These two team members then make recommendations for their desired candidates. The people service management then contacts 2 reference contacts given by the person for these desired candidates and interviews them with a short, structured guideline. The information is stored in the system. They are available to the team for the 2nd interview. The entire team is present during this 2nd interview. The decision who receives a job offer is made by the team together.

Rock your recruiting - forget the classic application - Part 2

The recruitment

The team leader and the people service management are informed only here again. They only have a right of veto if they have serious reservations. This must be justified and discussed with all participants. Once a positive decision for a candidate has been made, Peopleservice Management takes care of the employment contract and the cornerstones of on-boarding. This concludes the recruiting process. The team grows by a new and qualified colleague.

The new way to advertise

The recruitment of new team members will change fundamentally within the framework of agile and self-organizing companies. The personality of a candidate with a video application will play an important role. It offers clear advantages not only to the applicant in the context of a mobile application solution, but also to the companies. This allows them to immediately gain a personal impression of the interested parties. This also saves time and costs for unnecessarily conducted interviews, as they can check the fit with the company from the start. They know best who suits them and what skills they need. They are best placed to ask technical questions and initiate discussions.

In addition, the applicants who would not have automatically landed in the A-stack according to the classic principle also get a chance to be seen. Because in the case of candidates who appear sympathetic and competent in the video, decision-makers tend to overlook a worse grade.

The new way of advertising is therefore not only more efficient for all participants and meets the requirements, but it also gives people service management a new freedom to help shape the agile restructuring of the company and to anchor a corresponding mindset in the company. Therefore:

„Rock your Recruiting!“

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