Mobile Recruiting is in Trend with HR Management

Mobile Recruiting – What is this anyway?

Mobile Recruiting is an electronically based method of recruitment. Potential applicants should also be able to use all contact points to their own company on the move without loss of quality, readability and functionality.

One of the simplest options in mobile recruitment is to enrich job ads with QR codes. In addition, E-Mail left under job advertisements as well as the purposeful communication with applicants over Social Media channels belong to it.

In order to reach young professionals in particular, companies should optimize all recruiting processes for mobile devices. Starting with a corresponsive career page, up to mobile optimized application forms and applicant management systems. More and more companies are also using One-click applications, job messenger apps and video applications to find suitable specialists and managers.

Why is mobile recruiting so important?

But why is mobile recruiting so important at all? Already 17.5 percent of applicants search for suitable positions via smartphone and tablet. Around 21.4 percent are positive about fast and efficient video applications. A total of 70 percent feel that mobile-optimized job ads are important to very important. (Source:

To rely on mobile recruiting is in line with the trend. Because potential candidates want to be able to apply from any location and at any time. Waiting weeks for an answer is out of the question. Missing feedback and negative experiences have a negative effect on the Candidate Experience and thus also have a negative effect on the employer branding.

Mobile Recruiting is in Trend with HR Management

Benefits of Mobile Recruiting

Good mobile recruiting has a positive effect on the employer brand. Applicants associate with “their” future company that it is contemporary, employee-friendly and innovative. Such positive links with a company provide for positive word-of-mouth propaganda.

In addition, applications via app or video considerably simplify the application process for candidates. Applicants thus experience a positive Canidate Experience. And the company benefits from lower time-to-hire and lower cost-to-hire.

Other plus points, especially the video application, are more effective job interviews and applicants who really fit the position. On the one hand, a simplified application process ensures that more candidates apply for your vacancies. On the other hand, you can quickly and comparably see how authentic the candidates are and how they present themselves. This makes it easier to assess whether the potential employees fit into the team. Furthermore, applicants who would have fallen through the raster due to their CV but are still an ideal candidate also have a chance.

After all, applicants can react much faster through a perfect, mobile application process. As a result, you can fill your open positions faster .


Applicants are increasingly demanding in their application processes. Recruitment via mobile devices is therefore no longer in its infancy. In order to find highly qualified employees and to profit from lower time and cost expenditure, it is important to optimize your own application process for the mobile world as quickly as possible in order to keep up with the competition.

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