Interview – Checklist for employers

Find promising candidates with a structured job interview.

Everyone has already been through job interviews themselves and was well prepared for them – otherwise you would not be sitting on the other side of the table and have to find out for yourself whether applicants fit the company. Clear structures and good preparation are all that matters in an interview. It is important that at the end of the discussion it is certain whether the candidate can, what it maintains in the curriculum vitae, whether it fits to the enterprise and whether the parties become presumably united.

Application interviews have levels

There will probably not only be one interview with the applicant. The initial interview is about finding out whether the recruitment consultancy or your own job search has attracted the right applicants. You get to know each other and consider whether there will be a second round in which you agree on salary and start. The concluding discussions are based on guidelines on salary, special benefits and starting work, with which the personnel manager can play as required. The first interviews to get to know the candidates, on the other hand, are more difficult because there is still a lot to be done. A previously prepared interview guide helps to go through the meeting systematically.

Developing a conversation guide – what must it contain?

Every conversation is different. The individual application will raise different questions and the candidate will also want to get rid of questions if he really wants the job. Nevertheless, it is possible to stick roughly to a guideline and in this way ensure that the interviews go in the right direction. The following rough step-by-step plan is recommended:

  • greeting – relaxed and friendly
  • presentation of the company, the people present and their function as well as the position to be filled
  • survey of the candidate
  • possibility for the applicant to ask his/her own questions
  • conclusion: what happens next? When will the company get in touch?

Preparation: Read application documents and CV

A personnel consultancy will send the company pre-selected application documents and has already spoken with some of the candidates. This of course helps the personnel manager a lot to prepare for getting to know each other. If he takes over this task himself, however, it is important to read the cover letters and CVs attentively and concentrated during the preparation phase. On the occasion of each interview, experienced personnel managers are happy to deal with the job candidate’s documents one by one shortly before the interview and note down questions, anomalies, interesting positions and irregularities. During the questioning of the invited applicants in the interview the personaler asks them exactly these questions – and he knows naturally also, what he expects himself as possible answer on it.

Survey of the interested party in an interview

A survey based on an individual’s application is a matter of applicant related preparation. Perhaps a prospective customer has one year gap in the CV and one would like to be explained these gladly. Or he has a particularly relevant advanced training and one would like to know with pleasure, what exactly he has taken from this. But questions about childcare are also important if an interested person has children, about the official channels, if the company is not located in the city centre, and about other factors that can influence working hours and availability. The motivation for the job and the reason for the interest in the company should also be explained.

Work is the best proof of suitability

For some jobs, it is possible to test the skills of the job seekers by means of a specialist task. For this purpose, a contact person from the specialist department should assist the personnel officer, who can assess the result. If this is appropriate, a specialist colleague should come to the interview in any case, with whom one can jointly consider what a meaningful performance can be.

Tip: the greeting loosens the mood

Nervousness during the interview is normal, both on the company side and on the applicant side. In the worst case, this inner insecurity leads to the fact that one does not perceive the other person positively, especially if he or she shines with radiated calm and does not appear nervous at all. A good way of loosening up to prevent this from happening is to greet them systematically. For this reason, the main interviewer on the company side should personally welcome the job seekers and not let the receptionist do this. Because on the way into the conference room one can offer a coffee to the attendance, Smalltalk operate or ask whether it found the way to the enterprise well. That loosens up and calls all involved ones in the memory that something relaxation is also in this situation the best way.

Know beforehand whether an interview is really worth it.

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