Increased efficiency in recruiting through video interviews

How can video interviews contribute to optimizing recruiting?

The lack of skilled workers is making it increasingly difficult for companies to find suitable candidates for a job. But also too many candidates for a job are no less a difficult problem that affects the efficiency of recruiting. Furthermore, more and more HR professionals have to account to the managing director for the economic efficiency of recruiting. One way to make the application process more efficient, cost-effective and reliable is the time-shifted video interview.

Time savings through video interviews

Time-shifted video interviews save a considerable amount of time for personnel as well as for candidates. On the one hand, the time-consuming process of finding an appointment for telephone interviews and, if necessary, for an on-site interview is no longer necessary. Companies specify standardized questions. The applicants then answer these questions at any time and at any location via video.

As a personnel manager, you benefit from an enormous time saving when processing applications. The tedious reading of cover letters and CVs, organisation of appointments and an interview on site – all these points are eliminated or greatly reduced. This leaves more time for other tasks and more efficient allocation of resources.

Cost savings and improvement of the KPIs

Another factor to increase efficiency through the video interview is the reduction of costs. In addition, HR indicators such as Time to Hire, applicant satisfaction or Cost per Hire can be improved. Organizing a video interview is clearly much cheaper than personal conversations and initial telephone conversations. Besides the Analysis of this standardized and structured form of application is faster than the classical application.

A high cost factor, the Travel expenses, which companies often reimburse for applicants’ travel, are also eliminated. You can use the saved budget for other recruiting components such as a more user-friendly career page or similar.

More quality and sustainability thanks to video interviews

In addition, HR professionals usually have to invest considerably more time and money if the quality of the application process is to improve. With the help of the video interview not only time and cost savings can be achieved, but at the same time the quality and sustainability of the personnel selection can be increased.

The standardized questions make the evaluation clear fairer and comparable. With the help of the video interview, you as a personnel expert can evaluate many important factors better than with written applications or telephone interviews:

  1. You can Foreign languages and Technical expertise better judged by appropriate questions.
  2. Soft skills such as communication skills, motivation and conscientiousness can be assessed more reliably from the beginning.
  3. The applicant leaves an authentic impression. Thus you can find out already before a first, personal date whether the applicant fits your enterprise and the respective team.

Thanks to these advantages, the risk of incorrect hiring is reduced, because you as the HR manager get a much better picture of the individual applicants. In addition, video interviews help to make the pre-selection more qualitative. In practice, companies often invite fewer candidates to an appointment on site, but they actually hire considerably more of them.


Video interviews bring you and your recruiting process numerous advantages. First and foremost the time and cost savings as well as the quality increase in the applicant selection. This contributes to an increased recruiting efficiency and also has a positive effect on your employer brand and the Candidate Experience.

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