How to optimize your application process with Mobile Recruiting

Recruit the right candidates via mobile channels using mobile recruiting!

Mobile Recruiting refers to strategies for recruiting personnel via mobile devices. This is an important topic that every company should deal with, as 80% of young jobseekers take the use of their smartphones for granted. But how does your company implement Mobile Recruiting? How do you grant your applicants maximum comfort with minimum effort for the company? And what advantages does Mobile Recruiting offer over conventional recruiting?


The mobile optimization of your career page is a first, essential step. In this way, you reach significantly more applicants – and thus increase the chance of recruiting top candidates. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to improve the employer branding of your company, as the Absolventa study “Generation Mobile” shows:

Mobile Recruiting
Source: Absolventa Jobnet

The study proves that with mobile optimized career pages you achieve a significantly better applicant approach, which leads to more candidates deciding to apply.

Interesting is the fact that 53 percent of jobseekers surveyed would apply on the move if the application possibilities via mobile devices on career pages were better. As a company, you can assume that the mobile applications submitted include applications that would never have been possible without a mobile application option. In summary one can say, who wants to be noticed in the future particularly with the young generation of the job seekers as attractive employer, does not come around a mobile optimization of the own job advertisements and application ways around.

How to optimize your application process with Mobile Recruiting
Source: Absolventa Jobnet

The use of Internet-enabled devices is becoming increasingly diverse. Notebooks and desktop PCs are still at the top, but the smartphone is catching up strongly. A trend that companies should take into account when designing their career areas and job advertisements in the future. This means that a generally higher number of applicants can be expected, as it will be easier to apply by “one-click”.

Make sure that your company’s Internet presence is mobilely optimized so that job seekers are not frightened away on their first visit.

Benefits for Human Resources Managers

One of the biggest advantages of mobile recruiting is that potential candidates can be reached anywhere at any time. This leads to more efficient recruitment.

It is especially interesting (and increasingly important) to address applicants who belong to the so-called Generation Y. Mobile Recruiting can be used to address these and other potential groups of people in a targeted manner.

Smartphones and apps everywhere

The use of smartphones and apps simplifies our everyday lives in many ways. Whether we want to use delivery services, book concert tickets or simply retrieve sports results, the smartphone is always at hand. Recruiting apps and mobile recruiting software have long been used to recruit personnel. Since there are now a large number of individually usable offers that can also be used sensibly and inexpensively by small and medium-sized companies, this method of recruiting is no longer reserved for large corporations that develop HR software in-house or have it developed in-house.

How your company can use Mobile Recruiting

In principle, there are two forms of mobile recruiting for your company: You can either optimize your website mobile, so that it can also be accessed conveniently via your smartphone, or you can use your own app, which is often associated with significantly higher development and support efforts.

Talentcube: Efficient mobile recruitment with time-shifted video interviews

Our recruiting app from Talentcube is a possibility that is very easy to use for every company.

With our platform it is possible to pick up candidates on their preferred medium and at the same time make a qualified pre-selection in the first steps of the application process. You will get a better impression of the personality and motivation of your candidates than through your CV or a telephone interview. This allows you to really invite only the top candidates for a personal interview, saving you valuable time and money with a very easy to integrate SaaS solution – exactly what you need to compete for talent today.

Such as you have a great deal of time to spend reviewing your applications and coordinating their deadlines, the use of mobile recruiting platforms such as Talentcube can be very helpful. This makes it possible to streamline certain processes of your application process. Our platform is designed in such a way that it can be used by you as a company as an initial application tool as well as downstream to simplify candidate screening prior to an elaborate job interview. A special feature here is that each applicant goes through the same process and is asked three individually defined interview questions. These are then answered by the candidates on their smartphones with a time delay. This gives you a personal impression of your candidates much earlier in the application process.

This way Talentcube can also be used wonderfully as a supplement to your existing recruiting software, as it is an independent SaaS solution that does not require any installation or complex integration.

Further development in Mobile Recruiting

In conclusion, it can be said that the current level of change in applications is certainly not the end of the development and increasing use of mobile channels. Who does not open itself to these trends and uses the suitable mobile Recruiting Tools for its enterprise, will lose fast the connection with the personnel recruitment.

Mobile Recruiting Apps like Talentcube can be a possible solution to cope with this development. Their use offers you another channel for gaining access to top candidates.

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