Guide to a successful Candidate Selection

Tips for a successful candidate selection.

When selecting applicants, it is important to identify as early as possible those applicants who do not fit the job. This is done above all by so-called negative selection, which compares an applicant’s abilities with the criteria and requirements of a job. If an applicant is generally not suitable for a certain position, he or she is sorted out. In the subsequent positive selection it is now a question of which of the already qualified applicants is now a “perfect fit” for the team and the position.

With which procedures can personnel managers make the selection of applicants as efficient as possible?

Online Assessment Center for qualification of applicant selection

With the help of an initial pre-selection, the aim is to obtain the most efficient selection possible from those applicants who generally fit the vacant position. In order to make such a selection, the first Online Assessment Center is often used. The Online Assessment Center is a test for checking the applicants’ professional and social criteria. As a rule, the following three areas are checked in recruiting:

Normative test procedures: Here personal characteristics are tested, criteria are e.g. performance motivation, action orientation or contact ability.

Ipsative test procedures: Here, the fit of trained habits is tested, i.e. which behaviours one exhibits in certain situations.

Criteria-oriented test procedures: This test examines the extent to which certain properties, characteristics or behaviors are pronounced.

The results are then compared in reference groups. In this way, personnel managers can compare the applicants and their criteria for the vacant position.

Companies have clear advantages for their recruiting with the Online Assessment Center. Personnel managers then only have to conduct an interview with candidates who (probably) actually have the potential for a fit. This saves a lot of time and money.
Many HR professionals use Online Assessment Centers for recruiting in their pre-selection process to find out which applicants meet as many criteria as possible for a specific position. In this way, complex requirement profiles for applicant selection can be created in advance. The positive selection mentioned at the beginning can then be used in the form of an assessment center with on-site interview.

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