Digitalization is changing the world of work

According to Manager Magazin, digitization will change the world of work as much as the industrial revolution did back then. It is therefore essential to adapt internal structures and processes in order to keep pace with changes in the market and society in the long term

However, the requirements for digital transformation can vary greatly from industry to industry and from company to company. However, for all those who want to drive digital change, it is important to realize this with the help of change management processes and to rely on the right managers. HR departments are also playing an increasingly important role as pioneers. It is in addition to the executives their task to take the employees in things digitalization with them, to reduce fears, to install a Digitales Mindset and to support the development of digital competence .

Digital transformation only with Change Management

In order to successfully manage digital change in a company, active change management is crucial. Many employees are afraid of digital change because they fear losing their job to machines in the long run. In addition, many people feel that digitalization will increase their workload. Digital change also has an impact on the type of task, because old tasks are no longer needed, while new ones are added. Today, for example, it is no longer enough to do traditional marketing and disregard digital or online marketing. This results in completely new areas of responsibility and professions, such as SEA or SEO Manager.

The following eight points are essential for any change management project:

1. Show your employees the urgency of the digital change so that they can pull together with you.

2. Develop a good management team that ideally consists of a mix of employees from different departments.

3. Develop a vision and a strategy.

4. Communicate the vision, strategy and necessary goals across all levels.

5. Remove all obstacles such as outdated structures.

6. Define long-term goals that you want to achieve through digitization in your company. In addition, milestones are essential. For each goal achieved, make the successes visible to everyone and celebrate them with your employees.

7. After each goal, analyze what went well and what went less well on the way there. Based on this, you can set new targets.

8. Anchor all goals, strategies and visions firmly in the corporate culture.

Executives and digital change

Not only the use of change management processes is an important component for digital change. The right managers make a decisive contribution to successful change management. In addition to the HR department, these are important pioneers who must actively drive the process forward.

Executives for successful digitisation should above all stand for their concrete values and their conviction of digital change and be recognisable as such. Characteristics such as a mature personality, a good leadership style, empathy, value orientation and appreciation are important in order to optimally accompany the change process.

HR Management as a pioneer of digitization

The human resources department has a pioneering role to play in the context of digitisation and the associated changes. Depending on the corporate strategy, it forms an independent, responsible team that also shows initiative in the change process. It is therefore necessary to adapt all processes in HR management. From the internal working methods to the programs used to mobile optimized application processes.

The task of Human Resource Management is to provide employees with a learning architecture tailored to digitalization, such as team coaching, coaching by managers, on-the-job training, job rotation, or the opportunity to create self-responsible learning.

Only if people management and all executives lead the way in digital transformation and define and communicate clear visions, strategies and goals can digital change succeed in a company.


Digitisation does not stop at any industry or company. Managers and HR managers do well to develop appropriate strategies and business models. Through an accompanied change process it is necessary to establish these in the company and to involve the employees in it. Thus, digitization can act as a development for companies and employees.

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