Digital Transformation in Recruiting

Digital transformation in recruiting – These trends are becoming increasingly important.

Digital transformation is progressing faster and faster. Digitalization is also becoming increasingly noticeable in HR departments. Those who digitize their recruiting process create a decisive success factor in the battle for applicants.

Digital transformation – What happens / What you can do

Digitisation sounds more technical and profound than it has to be in practice. In addition to innovative technologies, there are basics that are part of digital change. These include:

  • Job ads in online portals such as Stepstone
  • Mobile optimized career pages
  • Virtual job fairs
  • Social Media Networks
  • Appraisal platforms like Kununu
  • Email, video and online application

All these things have their fixed component in recruiting as well as in the entire personnel marketing and management of some companies.

As the digital transformation progresses, more comprehensive, newer technologies and data become more important. Smart, innovative matching technologies are among them. For example, on portals that assign registered candidates to vacancies based on keywords. Pages such as Xing make this available.

As a company you should not ignore the start-up scene in the field of new social matching systems and similar technologies that are becoming increasingly established.

What are the advantages of digitalization?

The digital changes in your recruiting process can bring some advantages.

Thanks to innovative solutions, a better matching of potential candidates with the vacancy is possible. This reduces the risk of making the wrong decisions.

In addition, digital technologies can serve as decision support for human resource managers. They help to evaluate who you invite to a application interview and who you do not invite.

Tools for the administration of applications and innovative application methods facilitate the entire recruiting process. They save time and make it possible to address applicants individually and personally. In addition, they offer personnel a high degree of flexibility.

Digital channels such as your own social media presence, your own corporate blog or profiles on portals such as Xing are important instruments for personnel marketing. If you address your potential applicants correctly via these media, they have created an enormous success factor for themselves in their search for employees.

Disadvantages and problems of digitization in recruiting

One problem associated with digitisation in recruiting is the oversupply of technologies and providers. Personnel managers often don’t know how to oversee the offer in addition to the daily tasks and how to implement the processes.

In addition, there is often a lack of knowledge and understanding of new digital technologies. Further training for personnel managers is a must here and, together with the implementation of digital recruiting processes, can cause high costs.

In a digital transformation in recruiting, the entire internal communication and collaboration must also be changed. The digital transformation can only be successful through close cooperation and a strong, continuous exchange with the specialist departments.

The strong transparency offered by digital evaluation platforms, for example, cannot only result in advantages for your personnel marketing. As with negative impressions with products, it is often applicants who have had bad experiences with their company who leave a mark. Therefore, ensure an improvement of the Candidate Experience in your company in order to prevent such negative evaluations.


The digital transformation in recruiting has been taking hold for years. More personnel-minded people are faced with the responsibility not to lose sight of this process and to act actively. New, innovative matching portals, apps and other technologies will continue to drive digitalization in recruiting in the future. Only those who jump on this turn can be successful in the fight for applicants.

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