Cultural Fit – A Puzzle Game in Recruiting – Part 2

Cultural Fit has many advantages. It is reflected in better results and a low fluctuation rate. The right Cultural Fit not only saves time, but also the resources of a human resources department:

  • The administrative effort of personnel is reduced by up to 60%.
  • Recruiters no longer need to make unnecessary appointments for interviews.
  • The online interview lands directly on the company’s tool. It can be viewed several times at any time.
  • The applications can be sorted according to certain criteria online Orders
  • The unnecessary printing of CVs is saved – also good for the environment!

Hard skills can be learned, not the attitude

The video interview, which allows candidates to record and submit at any time, gives the HR department a first insight into the personality of an applicant. Normally, the personality is only revealed in a face-to-face interview on site. At this stage, the recruiter tries to question a candidate’s “cultural fit” by asking social competence questions. This involves the verbal and non-verbal communication skills of candidates:

  • How does the candidate articulate and gesticulate?
  • Which technical terms does the candidate use to describe his or her technical knowledge?

Such social skills also include the mindset of applicants. The mindset is based on a person’s attitude, philosophy of life and view of the world. There are certain corporate manners and behaviors that a recruiter would like to see in an interview. These then later complete the team. Values shape the mindset and the social skills of every person in the company.

Cultural Fit and Mindset play together

In certain professions, such as sales, the online preselection is particularly suitable for checking the mindset. This also applies to social competence. The employer asks the candidate three questions. On the basis of these questions a differentiation can be determined well also regarding the Cultural Fit. The following questions are suitable for this:

  • What are you particularly good at?
  • What distinguishes you?
  • What appeals to you about the position?

In doing so, personnel managers pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Does the candidate look into the camera or does he constantly look at the floor while speaking?
  • He uses his hands to emphasize the most important arguments.
  • Does the applicant speak softly or too loudly?
  • Is his language clear and much more?

Incoming video applications can be sorted online by the human resources department according to professional, social skills and vacancies. A differentiated view is possible at any time, so that it is possible to identify which applicant best fits the requirements and the corporate culture.


It is clear: Professional competence is the be-all and end-all of an application. Many professions simply cannot be pursued without specialist knowledge. However, the digitalized world shapes another image of a successful candidate. Social competence is becoming increasingly important in all departments. It is highly valued by HR managers. Innovative interview methods redefine the recruitment process. They enable a completely new insight into the personality and motivation of applicants. The company-relevant mindset strengthens the loyalty of employees. The mobile video applications provide information about this right from the start. Personnel managers can benefit from this. At an early stage of the application process, you will find out which applicant has the best cultural ‘fit’ with its corresponding norms and values.

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