Candidate Experience – What does it mean?

Candidate Experience – The positive candidate experience in the application process

The shift from the employer to the employee market has long since taken place. This enables you as an applicant to make more and more demands on the application process and to decide against a company if there is a lack of a positive candidate experience.

What does Candidate Experience mean?

Candidate Experience means nothing other than that you as a candidate have a positive, pleasant and appreciative experience every time you meet the potential employer or company.

This means that all points of contact before, during and after the application process leave only positive impressions on you. From the first reading of the job advertisement and the career page, through the application process with cover letter, forms and interview to the speed and quality of the feedback afterwards.

Old processes – when companies ostracize instead of motivate

As an applicant you want to find out one thing in particular: Quickly whether the job and the employer suit you well. For this it is important that one finds fast and uncomplicated the most important information approximately around the enterprise and the work everyday life.

However nevertheless many companies still have outdated processes, slow, not mobile optimized websites and rather pose hurdles to applicants instead of convincing them of themselves. If one clicked oneself as an applicant then laboriously by the Website and different evaluation portals, immediately the next barriers place themselves: From endlessly long, slow and hanging application forms over lacking transparency regarding the further steps up to missing contact possibilities and week-long waiting times.

Companies often make many demands on their applicants and employees. Increasingly one encounters job advertisements, with which the so-called ‘jack of all trades’ is looked for. However even enterprises do not fulfill fundamental needs for transparent, simple application processes and a balanced confidence relation to the applicant. Statt applicants to attract, you frighten away these with a unsatisfactory Candidate Experience .

Applicants’ requirements for the application process

Applicants usually want simple processes. The possibility of sending your application documents to an e-mail address is sufficient. Because you usually have this prepared on your PC and zip files with all important documents ready. If you have to enter all this information into never-ending forms instead of sending them with just a few mouse clicks, you will have to do so. This is a deterrent.

Alternative as an applicant you will be happy if you don’t have to fill out application forms via online portals for hours. A link to your own Xing or LinkedIn profile shortens the process and gets you to your goal faster. However, many companies still lag behind here.

Communication and transparency are also important. As soon as I have sent my application, I would like a short information on how the timeframe will be approximately . If one is invited promptly to the interview, important information provides one to the journey, to the expiration and the interlocutors positive impressions of the enterprise. Even banalities like being offered a glass of water or a cup of coffee make me feel valued as an applicant. After the interview, constructive feedback close to the time of the interview is important, so that the applicant has a good picture of the company even with negative news.


Companies place high demands on their applicants. However, many companies do not succeed in providing at least a positive canidate experience. But as an applicant one has increasingly the possibility to reject a company due to inadequate application processes. It is therefore important to stand by the requirements that one places on an application process as an applicant. This is the only way for employers to learn to adapt their processes accordingly in the long term.

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