Candidate Experience in Recruiting

Win professionals through Candidate Experience!

The battle for applicants is becoming more and more difficult with an increasing shortage of skilled workers. A wrong impression in the application process can already lead to the end for you as an employer. This is where the so-called Candidate Experience comes into play, which can give you decisive competitive advantages.

What is the Candidate Experience?

The key point of the Candidate Experience is to leave a positive impression on the potential employee throughout the entire application process. Within the framework of employer branding, it is therefore important to be aware of the entire “Candiate Journey”. This is based on the “Customer Journey” from classical marketing. Roughly outlined, the “Candidate Journey” comprises the following points:

  • The job search
  • The submission of the application documents
  • The selection procedure and the applicant interview
  • The results of the application

Why is the Candidate Experience important?

Candidates behave exactly like your customers: Bad experiences with you as a potential employer will be passed on to friends and acquaintances. So you are not only out of the race for the applicant as a future employer, but often also for the wider circle of the candidate. As a result, fewer applications may be received. The negative opinions about your company can also lead to fewer customers. In employer branding, you should always remember that every potential applicant could be a future customer.

If, on the other hand, a candidate has consistently positive experiences in the course of the application process, he shares them with friends and acquaintances. This can have exactly the opposite effect: More future applicants and more potential customers. A successful candidate experience thus has a positive effect on your employer brand and on your overall corporate image.

How can I improve the Candidate Experience?

An improved Canidate Experience is associated with some changes. Some are relatively easy and inexpensive to implement. Others require more work and cost, but are worth it in the long run.

Provide applicants with important information about your company and vacancies. You should prepare these on an informative and easy to find career page. A professional, modern career site is your first advertisement for potential employees. On this page you can give candidates an insight into your company, provide videos and pictures and let your employees have their say.

In addition, you should formulate your job advertisements briefly and concisely, but at the same time provide all important information on the tasks and requirements as well as the benefits for employees.

Simplify the application process!

In addition, make the application process as simple as possible and make sure that all steps are also optimized for mobile. If handling via an online portal is important to you, it should be as clear and appealing as possible. A stable performance of the site is a must. Integrate interfaces to portals such as Xing or LinkedIn. This allows applicants to register via their existing profiles and their data will be transferred directly to the online form.

One way to simplify the application process for both sides is, for example, the video application. The candidate presents himself to you via video with a few standardized questions. Or simply offer the possibility to send the application documents by email. This saves the potential employees a lot of work and leaves a positive impression.

The interview is one of the most important points of the Candidate Experience. Here the applicant decides for or against an employer. Make sure that the candidate has an easy journey and that even the greeting at the reception is correct. Even banal things like offering the candidate water and giving him the opportunity to ask questions are already part of a positive application experience.

It is important to communicate the next steps and an approximate time frame to the candidates. Therefore, you should provide the candidate with a contact person for questions. If you ultimately decide against an applicant, give him or her sufficient and constructive feedback. In this way he will keep you in good memory despite the bad news.


It is becoming increasingly important to establish yourself on the market with a positive employer brand. A positive Candidate Experience can give you decisive competitive advantages. Make sure that the candidate feels valued throughout the entire application process and that he or she emerges with positive impressions. These positive experiences are passed on to friends, acquaintances and even in social media channels. This in turn has a positive effect on your employer brand but also on your overall corporate image.

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