8 Tips to Find Affordable new Employees

Find employees at low cost: This is how you can proceed.

Recruiting is a real Herculean task for some companies: they lack the necessary budget to compete against the big players. Especially medium-sized companies often have enormous problems finding suitable candidates. The lack of specialists in particular leads to a more difficult search. But don’t worry, because these eight tips can be implemented at low cost!

1. Recruiting: Internal setting

Often long-standing employees are overlooked, even though they have the best qualifications. Around 5 to 25 percent of positions are filled incorrectly, which causes unnecessary costs. An “in-house” applicant fits the company as he has been working for it for several years. He has done his job conscientiously and earned a certain amount of recognition. If he has the professional qualifications, nothing speaks against promotion.

This method is free of charge and increases motivation, because good performance is rewarded by you. In addition, word gets around among colleagues that hard-working employees in their new position receive a higher salary.

2. Use social media

Large companies hire a headhunter to find a potential candidate. You can dispense with this service and search yourself free of charge. In technical terminology such a procedure is called Active Sourcing. And this is best done in social networks such as LinkedIn or XING, but Internet forums and Facebook groups are also possible. This way you don’t have to place expensive ads and get in touch with people immediately. This only makes the setting a formality!

3. Qualified recruitment

A headhunter is an expensive luxury, the situation is different with a personnel company. Here you pass on the vacancies directly to the placement agency and a few days later you are informed of possible applicants. Since they are temporary workers, you take only a small risk: a fixed salary is agreed upon, which is based on the actual work performed. The costs are kept within limits, as the position is limited to a certain period of time.

The job posting may contain a permanent option. This allows you to leave recruiting to the recruiter and only need to hire the candidates. The temporary worker will approach his job with full motivation, as he wants to recommend himself for permanent employment.

4. Ads in job boards

The largest German companies recruit about one third of their employees via Internet job advertisements. Depending on the provider, the fees can be relatively high, provided it is not a free portal such as Gigajob or Indeed. A small company must weigh the advantages against the disadvantages. Thus an expensive job exchange can pay off, if this is specialized in the desired occupational group. Further points are a high range and the quantity of potential candidates, which are the biggest advantages of XING.

At the beginning you should try a free provider. After all, you have nothing to lose except a little time. Distribute the advertisement on several portals and with a little luck you will find the perfect employee.

5. Find applicants at events

At a trade fair you can make important contacts and recruit new applicants. Hang a large sign to focus on the job advertisement. If you make a speech, you can advertise vacant jobs free of charge. These tips are easy to put into practice.

If you have vacant training places to offer, a corresponding job fair is recommended. Many companies are only represented by employees who just happened to have time. This frightens off potential applicants, because they hardly feel taken seriously. There should always be a “real” decision maker present for the hiring.

6. Employment Agency

The employment office is rarely contacted by personnel. Highly-qualified employees usually search for themselves on XING and Co., but there are exceptions. Older people in particular use traditional channels, among which the employment agency undoubtedly counts. Make a note of this task in your calendar: make an appointment with your contact person to find interesting applicants.

7. Recruiting with advertising premiums

Offer your colleagues a bonus that they can use to improve their wages. The investment pays off, because a headhunter would demand a multiple. Of course you can simply ask your business partners and employees for this favor without paying out an advertising premium. Use your company’s Facebook presence to post your job advertisement there as well. Afterwards, your friends or colleagues can share the contribution, which has the advantage that potential applicants from the region are addressed.

8 Insert “Career Button”

The homepage of a company should always contain a job page. It is your job to integrate a career page into your website. After 5 to 10 seconds every visitor should have found the button, otherwise it is wrongly placed.


Most tips can be implemented completely free of charge. Finding and hiring good employees is not as difficult a task as it seems at first glance. If you invest a little money, you can even increase the individual effects – for example with paid advertisements on Facebook.

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