Why not apply to any job you want with an unsolicited application – Part 1

Convince with enthusiasm instead of empty phrases in your unsolicited application

Shortly before the end of the year you are faced with another big challenge. You want to change your job. Finally a new career step dare. You have known your dream company for years. Only on the Career page you will unfortunately never find the position you are looking for. Don’t click immediately away, but simply send the company a Speculative application.

With an unsolicited application you can score strongly with personnel.
A particularly efficient and meaningful way to apply to a company is by video, since you immediately create significantly more attention. Here you can convince above all with your qualification, motivation and your personality. You will create new perspectives for HR professionals and address them directly and proactively.

The following things you should pay attention to so that your unsolicited application is successful:

  • Output your benefits as well as your added value
  • What can the firm expect from you?
  • What contribution can you make?
  • Why should the firm just bring you on board?

Initiative application – what is it?

An unsolicited application is not based on a specific job description of a company. It is written unsolicited by an interested party and sent unsolicited to the latter. Applicants should mention exactly their role and their area of responsibility, that they would like to fill in gladly in the enterprise. This means that candidates should already think in advance about the extent to which their personal know-how can be used.

About 70% of the vacant positions are neither placed online nor offline. Because job advertisements and the active search for new talents often cost companies a lot of time and money. This fact should energize the applicants to knock with their unsolicited application even with the Personaler and to introduce themselves. br> This kind of application holds many advantages for you as candidates:

  1. You apply alone and have no comrades-in-arms in an application process
  2. There is no job advertisement and therefore no direct requirements: Your attention is focused on your top skills
  3. Your chances of getting your dream job are higher
  4. In case of rejections: Your profile stays first in the back of the mind of staff members

Initiative and skilful instead of blind and standardized

The following points should serve as an approach for the preparation of a speculative application:

1. know your personality well – do a self-analysis best:

  • Why does your dream company need you if it can handle the current staff? You need to know your strengths and weaknesses very well.
  • Create a list of your strengths and development fields. Analyze your top know-how and personality.
  • Find out the motivation for your application. How can the company or department benefit from you?

2. Know your preferred company – Create a company analysis:

  • Who should be your new employer?
  • Do you represent the same corporate culture, the same values?
  • Can you identify with the strategy, the organisational form and the products?
  • In which department / in which area do you see your skills and knowledge? Where exactly can you use them?

3. make contact:

  • Find the right contact person in the company to whom you can send your unsolicited application.
  • Your motivation, qualifications and personality: These three criteria are your first business card.
  • With your self- and business analysis you determine the job for yourself.
  • According to a LinkedIn survey, HR professionals focus on individual critical faculties (76%), decision-making skills (74%) and negotiation skills (73%).

Express these aspects in your application on the points of personality and qualification. The great thing about the Talentcube app is that you can also create an unsolicited application at any time, which you can then send to any other company. Simply download the app and off you go.

We wish you every success with your next application, whether initative or for a specific position.

You are convinced by the new standard?

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