Strategic Job Plan – In only 4 steps to your Dream Job

You have your school-leaving certificate in your pocket or are in the middle of your studies and still have no plan where your professional journey should lead. Now you can leave it to chance or develop a “diabolical” plan that will most likely lead you to your dream job. It applies to find the correct answers to the crucial questions and to put consistent staying power to the day. Strategy is the magic word here. Our 4 step plan supports you on the way to your dream job.

Level 1 – What are you really good at? What do you find easy on the way to your dream job?

Take your time and think about which situations in your life there have already been, in which something was really easy for you. Situations in which you thought afterwards, that was really great! Situations in which you may have received praise from others. If you can’t think of anything we really can’t imagine, ask others who know you well and longer. Your friends, your family … You can still supplement your thoughts with what you do voluntarily and gladly in your free time.

Collect the events, write them down so that you can continue working with them. If you have collected enough events to bring you closer to your dream job, find out the following: What is the special gift and ability behind it? Write them down next to the respective situation. A small example: Let’s assume you enjoy cooking and are good for your friends and family. Why is it that you cook so well, better than everyone else? Do you have a knack for choosing food or how to put it together? How do you prepare the ingredients? … Depending on how you prepare them, you may have a special sense of smell or a sense of aesthetics.

If you find this task too sporty, get support from a person you trust and work out Your special “skills” together. Record the results.

Level 2 – What activities are derived from this? In which jobs are your special skills in demand?

Now put your soft skills together in a cluster. For example, you can approach other people well and it is easy for you to address them. Are you good at solving conflicts, do you find learning easy or do you like organizing and coordinating groups? You choose the same procedure for your hard skills. For example, do you like programming, are you very creative, are scientific or technical topics exactly your thing? ….

Last but not least, you will add to your overview for your dream job with experiences from the industries you have already got to know and which suit you. Have you ever worked in a restaurant, in an administration or at a Start-Up etc. during your school or semester break?

Compile your soft and hard skills

Your overview might look like this:

Strategic Job Plan -  In only 4 steps to your Dream Job

Think about which jobs could make good use of your skills and knowledge? Combine your skills. You can try to bundle them all, but even a partial combination is a good prerequisite for your dream job. Should this “to-do” be difficult for you alone, get support from people whom you trust and who are happy to help you.

At the end you should have a list with at least 3 possible jobs. Now it’s time to search the net. Find job advertisements for the activities and compare the requirements with what you already have. Identify possible deviations and should you find any, then think about how you can fill these gaps? Now at the latest you should know and feel what the job of your choice is? What do you want to commit yourself to and what is really important to you?

Write your dream job together with the necessary skills and know-how on a “jobboard” that you can put on. Whether online or offline. Create a design or download one from the net that appeals to you. It should have space for the different areas you have already worked out and offer space for additional fields. As an example we have developed one for you, which you can use for yourself.

Strategic Job Plan -  In only 4 steps to your Dream Job

Now start with the skills you need for your dream job. Does a special internship, online tutorials, courses, workshops or a recognised further training course help you to acquire these skills? Who do you have to contact and when can this be scheduled? Make your plans concrete and translate them into activities. You slowly notice that your project “dream job” is taking shape. It takes shape and a strategy emerges. Hold these points together with your skills also on your “jobboard”.

Level 3: Which jobs are your springboard?

You have successfully closed the gaps in your “skill portfolio” and added them to your “job board”. Maybe you have already made interesting and valuable contacts on the way or your dream job has already been offered to you. If this is not the case yet, then you need to think and act strategically. So ask yourself the question: Which jobs can function as an intermediate stage in order to achieve your dream job? Find jobs where you can deepen your previous skills and ideally build new ones that are necessary for your dream job.

It is about preparations to get closer to your desired position. You have now identified the springboards to your dream job. With the completion of the third step, the construction of your career plan begins.

Level 4: Construct your “career plan”

Get your “jobboard” back. Now draw a timeline with milestones on it. Every job you strive for on the way to your dream job represents a milestone. Add time points or time windows to the milestones and note which skills you would like to acquire. It is important that you are clear where you want to be in five years. Now you have your “career plan” concretely in front of your eyes and now it’s just: Just do it!

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