Score points with the Right Outfit in your Job Interview

It’s done! Your application for the new job, an apprenticeship or the trainee position has stood out positively from the crowd. Now follows the next stage: Your dream company would like to get to know you personally and has invited you to a job interview on site.

Of course you are well prepared for the appointment and have checked the homepage of your possible new employer again for news. You also thought about the questions you might be asked and thought about the right answers.

In addition, you are aware of which questions you would like to have answered in order to decide for or against the job. Finally, you have also considered which insights are still important to you. You would like to receive information about the workflows and processes of your possible new position. You will also be interested in the team you will be working for in the future.

There is only one question left: What do you wear?

Your knowledge, your competences and your personality are the most important things for the job. Nevertheless, your outfit should round off the positive impression that the company has made of you so far. You should definitely feel comfortable in the job interview. However, your favourite hoodie and sneakers are only rarely the right choice for an interview. Because … even the first seconds are decisive for the first impression. The right outfit is a decisive factor in leaving a positive first impression in the interview.

Dresses make people

How a person affects others depends primarily on his appearance, whether serious, credible or windy. If you impart strength or weakness, it is not only your posture but also the outfit you choose in the job interview that will determine your success. When choosing your outfit for the job interview, keep in mind that you are moving in a professional environment with your new, perhaps even your first job. Here you will meet other employees, customers and business partners.

Clothing is also a sign of appreciation for the people you deal with on the job. Not only your business behaviour should be adequate, but also your clothes. Even if nobody speaks openly about it: Your outward appearance and your outfit influence, more or less subconsciously, the judgement of your interlocutors in the interview. What you should bear in mind when choosing your outfit is what we would like to give you some important tips for in the following.

Wrong outfit – You don’t have to overdo it

As a rule, you don’t have to exaggerate and follow your family’s recommendations and come in a black suit or costume according to the motto: “You’re on the safe side”. If you show up for an interview in a black suit while your interviewees are wearing sneakers and jeans at the table, it’s embarrassing. Of course, you can use the “Fauxpas” as a starting point for conversations and as a hanger and thus weaken it. So that this doesn’t happen to you…

Dress for the job you want

If, for example, you would like to do an apprenticeship in logistics, sneakers and jeans are the right choice. For the interview itself, however, you should choose a shirt or blouse instead of a hoodie or sweater. If, on the other hand, you’re applying as a marketing trainee, it can be more chic and fashionable, because marketing works with trends and a target group-oriented approach. A dress, fabric trousers and leather shoes are a good choice. It’s also worth investing a few euros, because you can put on the outfit even more often, especially for agency or customer contacts.

When choosing an outfit for your job interview, consider whether it would really be appropriate for later meetings and conversations with customers. This is where you make the right choice during the interview with an outfit that suits your job and your future role. After all, you will later represent the company at appointments outside or with the customer.

The pictures on the homepage and the social media channels of your desired company are a helpful source of information. How are the people dressed there? If you are still unsure, contact the person who invited you for the interview. You can simply ask them how you should dress best.

Score points with the right outfit in your job interview

The parsley

Not only your clothes themselves are decisive for the first impression. It depends on your entire appearance. Your appearance in the interview will be perfectly rounded off with a well-groomed appearance. For example, a shave should be a matter of course for men or a well-groomed looking beard for beard wearers. Women should rather choose a discreet day make-up and the hair should not cover the face.

Jewellery should also be chosen more discreetly. For men a finger ring or a high-quality watch is appropriate, for women discreet earrings, necklace or a few rings. Make sure you wear high-quality looking jewellery and watches. Before you wear a “chewing gum dispenser” watch, lass´ better get rid of the jewelry.


Your skills and expertise are the most important criteria for getting the job. But since the first impression of our interviewees falls in just a few seconds, the right outfit plays a decisive role in the job interview.

Select your outfit to match the job you want. The discreet business look is usually a good choice. To be on the safe side, check out the company’s homepage and social media channels. Or simply ask the interviewer who invited you to the interview. He’ll be happy to tell you what’s appropriate for your interview. Then nothing will be in accord of your professional appearance in the interview for your dream job.

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