Personality in the application process – Part 1

Anyone who applies for a job advertisement fights a large number of competitors, especially after school or university. These are often still identical in terms of subject combinations, final grades, degree programme or school. The decisive factor whether you get the job or not in this case is your own personality, which is the only thing that sets you apart from others. This is why it is becoming an increasingly important decision criterion for companies.

Personality – significance for the world of work

Personality is the combination of all the formative qualities of a human being. In other words, all the qualities that make up a person. Every person is different, their own personal characteristics are just as unique as, for example, their fingerprints. It is decisive for how we govern in certain situations, what we are enthusiastic about and what motivates us.

In addition to competence and performance motivation, it is more important than ever that potential candidates shape the tasks to be mastered in the company with their own individual characteristics and thus act in the interests of the company and its customers. Especially in small and medium-sized companies, one’s own personality and the character associated with it is an important factor. Here there is often only one contact person per area. The employee thus embodies the company externally and has a decisive influence on its success. Future employees should therefore be personally involved in the company.

Technical know-how can be learned if necessary, which is why it is particularly important for companies that applicants fit the corporate culture and the team. No matter how urgently you want a job, don’t pretend to be, but be yourself throughout the entire application process. Especially in small and medium-sized companies, small teams and flat hierarchies, you cannot hide in the crowd, but have to fit perfectly into the team. Only then can working together be fun and meaningful for both sides.

Presentation of the ego during the application process

Anyone striving for a professional change must score points with their own character from the outset. The video application allows applicants to present themselves particularly well, as well as in a personal interview on site. In order to be optimally prepared and present yourself in the right light, it makes sense to consider the answers to the following questions in advance. You can also select some of these questions for a video application:

  1. What can I do particularly well?
  2. Where and what situations have I already proven this?
  3. Why do I want to work for the company?
  4. Why this particular job?
  5. What do I enjoy?
  6. What was difficult in my life? How did I overcome that?
  7. How do friends describe you?

During the preparation it helps to design a “user manual for yourself”. Think about which special aspects your person expresses in the video or personal conversation. What kind of environment do you need to do a good job? Show yourself as you are and convey your message sympathetically. Frequently, human resources professionals have the task of describing themselves in a few sentences. Asking and answering the above questions yourself in advance not only helps with a good video application, but is also a great preparation to present yourself optimally prepared in a personal interview.


Competence, performance motivation and personality are essential in order to be convincing in the context of the application and to be able to survive in the new position. Professional qualifications are not everything and are easier to expand than personal qualities. It is therefore increasingly important for HR professionals that applicants fit the culture and the team. The earlier one’s own character becomes apparent, the better. Ideally already in the video application or in the personal discussion. It is important not to pretend and to present yourself honestly, authentically and convincingly.

Score with personality!

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