How Recruiters work – sell yourself as a Freelancer

Guest article freelancermap – You are an expert in your field. You have often thought about working freelance or in addition to that? Or are you already a freelancer and spend a lot of time landing new jobs? Here you will find some tips. They will give you an insight into how to use project platforms and how to convince recruiters and potential customers with your skills.

Advantages of being a freelancer

One thing is certain: Freelancers will become increasingly important in the future, especially in the IT sector. This is not without reason, because being a freelancer has advantages for contractors and clients – not least from the point of view of a shortage of skilled workers. According to the market study “Freelancer-Kompass 2018″, freelancers appreciate the freedom to make their own decisions in addition to independence and free time management. In addition, there is the diversity of projects in everyday professional life.

However, there are also some challenges in the independent project business: Freelancers have to do acquisition all the time. They have to win new customers in order to have a secure income. The counterpart – the recruiters – are also given deadlines to procure qualified candidates. For both sides the following applies: Find a professional match as quickly as possible, because time is money.

You can make matching much easier by providing your potential new client with 1, 2 or 3 short video sequences of 45 seconds each. You can also leave a direct personal impression next to the “hard facts”. Create a free application homepage for it. You can include the link you will receive in your profile description or enter it under other profiles on the net.

Mediation platforms: find projects quickly and easily

At this point, special placement platforms are helpful, on which both project providers and freelancers in search of orders cavort. Recruiters and companies have the opportunity to recruit freelancers. The latter can in turn create profiles, provide references, link their own websites and establish contacts with recruiters and customers..

The contents of the freelancer profile are decisive for the successful award of a contract – it is therefore worth looking at the placement process from the recruiter’s perspective. In order to shed light on the situation,, one of the leading project platforms in the IT, management and engineering sector, conducted a qualitative survey among recruiters.

Thomas Maas, CEO of the platform, knows: “The most important selection criterion for recruiters is know-how, followed by availability and CV. No-Go” also means mistakes in communication: Respectful interaction and correct expression are essential here.”

This checklist will help you to make your freelancer profile as good as possible:

  1. Convince with your know-how
    Make sure that your resume/projects you have worked on are current and complete. As with applications for employment, it is bad for recruiters to see gaps in the project history. Further training is also very important here: Freelancers who continue their training are always at an advantage, especially in the IT industry, where programming languages are used.
  2. Spelling and grammar
    Actually logical – but some freelancers don’t seem to take spelling so seriously. Be sure to pay attention to this: Recruiters don’t like obvious mistakes in communication!
  3. Signal availability
    Keep your website/profile up to date, note when you expect your current project to be completed. No one will write to you as long as you signal that you are currently working on a project and are not available
  4. Realistic hourly rate
    Freelancers have difficulties finding out what they can ask for, especially at the beginning. A little tip: Don’t sell below your own value, but don’t demand an unrealistic rate either, otherwise it could happen that the recruiter or the customer turns back on sales. It’s best to see what other freelancers with similar experience have to say.


If you already work freelance or are considering becoming a freelancer: Use a project platform suitable for your industry for customer acquisition. This will save you time and allow you to make casual contacts. Perfect your freelancer profile, convince with your references and pay attention to your communication – because for a first impression there is no second chance.

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