How do I find my dream job?

Step by Step find your dream job!

Who has ever asked himself the basic question why he works? Many people would probably answer this question by saying that a job provides for their personal livelihood. But should this really be the (only) motivation to go to work every morning? Probably not, because a job that you don’t do with a certain enthusiasm will lead to chronic dissatisfaction in the long run. Of course not every day is perfect in the greatest job, but in principle you should like to go to work and do a job that corresponds to your own interests and abilities.

How can you find a company that searches for your skills and whose products or services you like and therefore your desired job, so your calling to find?

Talentcube helps you to find your dream job!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just finished school or university. Even if you’re already working on the job, but feel that you haven’t found your dream job yet: You can take the following steps to find a job that meets your requirements and becomes your dream job.

First of all you should make sure that the environment of the company is in accordance with your values and your world view. In concrete terms, this could mean working for a sustainable company as an environmentally conscious person. Or to start as an ambitious university graduate at a company whose appreciation for its employees is well known. An insanely communicative person would go mad in a lonely laboratory…And and and.

These key questions will help you find the job of your dreams:

If you’re not sure what is important to you and what values you’re following, you should question it first. Then select potential companies based on your vision and vision. Think about what is important to you:

  • What is important to you both privately and professionally?
  • What tasks did you enjoy as a child?
  • How and what can motivate you?
  • What is easier for you than most other people?
  • In which hierarchy do your values stand for you?
  • What do you want to achieve in life?
  • What makes you proud or would make you even more proud?
  • What would you do if you had achieved all your financial goals?

It is helpful to write down these answers and then set them in relation to your work. In this way you can search for professions in a very targeted way and get closer to your dream job. In addition, you can also carry out a knowledge test, which can make your strengths and potential clearer to you. If you are doing an interview on a personal level instead of taking a knowledge test, you can sit down with a professional coach. A professional coach can help you orientate yourself for your future career.

How do I find my dream job?

What happens next when I know what my dream job looks like?

Try to find companies that look for your strengths and share your values. In the next step, try to contact the person who is responsible for recruiting in the company. The most frequently used way to do this is via an application. With smaller and medium-sized companies you can present yourself more creatively, for example with the help of a video application. If your skills do not yet meet the expectations of the company of your dream job, you can improve them with the following three means:

The common way for students and pupils to gain their first professional experience.

Take contact with people who inspire you to learn from them.

Your personal online portfolio
Did you hold lectures or interviews on a specific topic? Then you can document your lectures or other projects here! This is how companies and recruiters become aware of you and you get a lot closer to your dream job!


In order to have a long-term job that not only covers your living costs, but is also fun for you and therefore regarded as a fulfilling job, you should explicitly deal with your abilities and preferences.
Often it takes until you have found the right job for you. However, you should not be discouraged and have some patience. In the long run this will pay off in any case! We wish you much success on the way to your vocation!

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