Give wings to your application with your soft skills

Communication skills, open-mindedness, critical skills and team spirit – applicants with pronounced soft skills are a win for every team. Specific skills are already important today, but in times of artificial intelligence, they will even be critical to your personal success and business success. These interpersonal skills will continue to be reserved for people in the future.

Why soft skills determine the success of your application?

Part of every application is information about your soft skills. Hard skills such as apprenticeships and degrees are often identical. Often, when it comes to the aspect of soft skills, sometimes arbitrary social skills are listed. The goal: to move into the light of a social and dedicated employee. But a lot does not always help a lot!Even if soft skills are at first banal and not directly related to the tasks of the advertised job, these skills often decide in the end whether you will be hired or not. Of course, pronounced social skills alone are not enough to convince in a new job, because your professional strengths are the basis. But: Among the applicants who bring the required hard skills, ultimately decide the social skills.

Why soft skills, unlike hard skills, give wings to your career?

The so-called hard skills are professional strengths that you can prove through school, university degrees, certificates, internships, courses or advanced training. These “hard” facts are based on your proven know-how. Here you are easily comparable to others. But they are not everything: Because among the applicants who bring along the hard skills demanded in the tender of the company, the often neglected soft skills decide how successful the further application process will be for you.

But why are soft skills so essential? These “soft” factors are closely intertwined with your personality and your behaviors. They say a lot about your social behavior. Most people spend a lot of time directly or at other workplaces. Different characters meet each other there. Here social, diplomatic and responsible behaviors for the coexistence and thus also for the effectiveness in the team is a must.

Anyone who has the required qualifications but can hardly score with their own initiative, empathy, resilience or sense of responsibility will not be able to enrich the working day in their desired company. It is therefore more likely that a competitor with rather poor grades, but with a proper set of soft skills will get a commitment. This person is given preference over someone with better grades who does not have the necessary social skills. That is why Soft Skills boost and compensate for any know-how weaknesses.

Soft skills are becoming increasingly important

Top managers are convinced that soft skills have a special significance, which will continue to increase, especially in the future. They justify their statement with the assumption that various hard-skill tasks are taken over by artificial intelligence (AI) and that people have to prove themselves primarily through soft skills. For it is precisely at the point of emotional intelligence, as part of the soft skills, that man relinquishes technology. In the near future many jobs will become superfluous due to the AI. But man will always be ahead of technology through his social skills. Thus, critical thinking, creativity, communication skills and empathy will be crucial skills in the new world of work.

There are a variety of soft skills. But which are relevant for your application and are worth mentioning? Here are the most important ones for you.

• Communication skills
• Empathy
• Self-initiative
• Creativity
• Openness
• Open-mindedness
• Resilience
• Stress resistance
• Responsibility
• Criticism
• Conflict ability
• Teamspirit
• Self-reflection
• Reliability
• Flexibility
• Enthusiasm
• Willingness to learn
• Self-responsibility
• Self-reflection

The selection is great. But it’s not about selecting any that you want to include in your application, but identifying the top 3-5 that make you stand out. The soft skills that make you special, that embody and stand for you. You can install these in your application video. Using concrete situations, make it clear where and in which situations you have already used these social skills. Also think about how you can express this in the task you are applying for. You have already completed part of the preparation for your personal interview.

Conclusion: Soft skills – important today, tomorrow decisive

Hard skills provide a solid foundation, but soft skills are ultimately critical to the success of your application. If you already score in your application video with the appropriate social skills and then put them to the test in a personal interview, you ensure the sympathy of your future colleagues. You show that you, both professionally and socially, represent an asset to the company. Soft skills already play an important role today, but tomorrow in times of AI they will be crucial. How to apply for any job in the world with an unsolicited application using your smartphone can be found here

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