Get the job – the ideal preparation for your job interview – Part 1

You are looking for a new job and have already applied for some jobs. Now it’s here – the chance to present yourself personally to your employer of choice for the job of your choice. But how do you best prepare for the job interview? We have tips and information for you!

It all depends on your inner attitude

In preparation for a job interview, the so-called Consistent Identity plays an important role. It is the answer to the question who you are or who someone else is? The question will be asked by your interviewee. It’s about your own self-awareness and the self-presentation that goes with it. In addition to your professional qualifications, your potential new employer also wants to know who he is dealing with as a person. The desire for continuity and consistency is firmly anchored in most of us and thus also in the personnel. You can take advantage of this for your job interview.

Because: As soon as you get an invitation to the interview, you literally already have your foot in the door. More or less unconsciously, personnel managers want to give you a promise. In order to use this advantage perfectly, it is necessary to go into the job interview with self-confidence and with the attitude that the HR manager basically wants to hire you. Because you know who you are, what you have to offer in connection with your self-confident appearance, your body language and your appearance change directly. At first this sounds more difficult than it is, but with the ideal preparation the whole thing becomes possible.

There is a little trick for you to succeed in your self-confident appearance on the spot. Choose one of the following questions as an introduction: “Why did you invite me today?” or “What did you like so much about my application documents that you want to get to know me personally?” This makes your interviewer think about you and your strengths. Thus you already put the focus on your positive unique selling points and a positive interview entry at the start of the interview.

Get the job - the ideal preparation for your job interview - Part 1

Self-confidently into the job interview: Tips and tricks

Nevertheless, it is easier said than done to go confidently into an interview and know who you are. That’s why we have some tips for you. Basically a strong self-confidence is based on the “self-fulfilling prophecy”, which means: What you think happens. Because those who have little self-confidence and don’t know what they stand for and what they can do focus more on the negative. This in turn has a negative effect on self-confidence. A vicious circle emerges that needs to be broken.

Therefore it is important to say goodbye to negative thoughts. To practice this, there is a little trick: Use a piece of cloth, paper or cardboard that is about 30 centimeters long. You dye ten centimetres of each green, red and yellow. Cut one centimetre each time you ponder negative thoughts and develop an adequate positive thought for it. Gradually approach the yellow or red line. At the beginning you may have to make a stripe several times. The goal is not to have to tear off or cut off an inch at some point. With this you consciously perceive your negative thoughts and train to develop a corresponding positive thought.

Also an ideal exercise to prepare your job interview: Take courage in 30 seconds. If you find yourself in a situation of fear or anxiety, pause for 30 seconds. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and count to 30. In the meantime there are even many apps that can help you. When you arrive at 0, you get up and tackle the difficult situation. In an attenuated version, it can also help you to consciously take 1 or 2 deep breaths before giving an answer to an unfamiliar question in the interview itself. This has several advantages:

1. The conscious and deep breath calms down your tense “nerve costume

2. It gives you time to think

3. You seem to be sovereign and considered on the outside

Finally, it is important to learn to accept yourself. Often you are not satisfied and too critical with what you see and think. Each one of us has already had success, has talents and lovable qualities. Take notes and pencils and write down exactly these things. It should be at least ten. You will see, with the time more and more things come to your mind (source:

You can find out how to prepare yourself for the upcoming job interview in the next part of our blog “Get your job – part 2”.

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