10 Tips for your meaningful Curriculum Vitae

This makes your CV a success in no time at all!

On the way to your dream job you have to overcome some hurdles in the application process – your CV is your ticket to all further stages. In the following, Talentcube will show you what you need to watch out for to make your CV stand out from the crowd:

  • If you send your application documents to the company by e-mail, you should always use a reputable e-mail address. For example Surname@Supplier.com or Firstname.Surname@Supplier.com.
  • You should always use the complete page when designing your resume. Try to avoid large white areas. You should present your education and professional experience as precisely as possible. Make sure that the company you are applying to knows everything you need to know about yourself. Nevertheless, don’t forget to pay attention to clarity and not to exceed two DIN A4 pages.
  • Mark your job title or previous company bold. Decide what is more important for the job in question.
  • Be consistent about formatting, data and style.
  • Add your own note to your resume. Of course you shouldn’t overdo the layout, but frames, shading and possibly the colours of the company you’re addressing will make you stand out from the numerous CVs.
  • Sei original. What are your interests? What are you involved in? In this way you can create a better and more personal relationship with the personaler.
  • Underline your job positions with the help of achieved goals or key figures, precise details of your activities or evaluations such as “good/very good knowledge of …”
  • Lift out your experiences and learnings from your previous activities instead of just mentioning your job title or department. Use verbs that describe your activities/results precisely.
  • Espect cultural differences outside the German-speaking area. Would you like to apply in an English-speaking country or somewhere else abroad? Then inform yourself thoroughly about the structure and contents of your CV in the respective country.
  • Don’t give internships if in doubt. It only makes sense to include side jobs and internships in your CV if the activities performed are closely related to the position you are applying for. Unless you are a career starter – here internships, working student jobs or part-time jobs can be important references for your previous experience.

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