What do you need to consider when choosing a video-recruiting software?

The year 2020 has proven to many companies that communication via video will play a vital role in the near future. Suppliers of video-recruiting software have experienced enormous growth worldwide.

This global trend is also apparent in many HR departments, which are increasingly using videos as a tool for applicant communication. This explains why the number of providers of basic functions of video-recruiting software is also growing. The right choice of video recruiting platform is crucial in order to ensure a good candidate experience, first-class candidate support and highest data security. 

In this blog article, you can find out what is really important when choosing the right video-recruiting platform. Furthermore, you can discover which advantages will truly benefit your company.

What exactly is video-recruiting software?

Nowadays, video-recruiting software is one of the most important efficiency drivers in recruiting. A majority of companies see it as a strong employer branding “must-have” in the competition for the best talent. The field of video-recruiting comprises three core areas:

  • Direct video application: 

Enables your candidates to introduce themselves to you personally via video directly. This usually replaces the classic cover letter. The CV can of course still be a central component alongside the videos.

  • Time shifted video interview: 

In a time shifted video interview, candidates answer a series of previously defined questions on video. Candidates are flexible in terms of time or location. There is also no need for somebody from the employer to participate during the video. This approach is mostly used to make the recruiting process more efficient and to focus on the top candidates.

  • Live-Interview:

The live interview corresponds to the classic online conference room like Skype or FaceTime. In the context of recruiting, other important functions are available to you, such as simple structuring of interviews, evaluation of candidates, personal live support or complete branding of the interview solution.

What are the advantages of video-recruiting software?

  • Significantly shorter time-to-hire: Video-recruiting software has been proven to reduce time-to-hire and cost-to-hire by up to 60%. Replace process steps such as telephone interviews and focus on top candidates early on.
  • Very high quality of job interviews: You will see significantly more candidates in less time and get an authentic impression through the videos, which will show you directly with whom a job interview is really worthwhile.
  • Strong employer branding & early retention of talent: Your own personal introduction via video and a target group-oriented application process in the company’s branding increases your perception as an open and innovative company.
  • Lower no-show rate in job interviews: Sitting alone in a job interview? Candidates who introduce themselves to you via video show a significantly higher commitment and willingness to participate in the further application process.
  • Better collaboration in the team: Sifting through candidates together as a team and sharing the videos with the respective department leads to a significant increase in quality and efficiency.

Read more about how kununu, the largest employer assessment platform in Europe, uses the advantages of video recruiting software to make its application process more personal and efficient. The car rental company Sunny Cars also uses video software in its recruiting process to stand out from other companies in the industry offering a modern, efficient and digital application process. Here you can get a valuable insight into Sunny Cars’ successful use of its recruiting software.

When does a video-recruiting software make sense / no sense?

Video-recruiting will be found in a large majority of all HR departments in the next few years and there are a whole range of scenarios when its use really makes sense. Does your company have problems to quickly identify and retain the right talent from a large number of job applications? Do you plan to grow rapidly in the coming years? Is your current recruiting process “dusty” and seems more daunting than inviting?

On the other hand, it may come a little too early and only makes sense once the basic structures and requirements exist in your company. The following scenarios give a first impression:

Candidate Experience

This is probably the most important element in choosing the right partner. The competition to find the best talent is constantly growing. Therefore, companies cannot afford to lose a candidate due to a bad candidate experience.

The entire experience of candidates will reflect your company’s approach. Thus, the complete process should be branded 100% in the style of your company. This makes a much more professional impression. Candidates should feel they are already part of the company during the application process. The whole process starts with the e-mail invitation to the video interview, then the images, and the text and colours of the platform itself.

Flexibility is also very important for a successful Candidate Experience. Give your applicants the freedom to choose which terminal device they use to apply – everyone proceeds in a different way. The provider should definitely offer the possibility to apply via laptop and smartphone – mobile preferably via an app as well as via mobile browser. In this case, it is always worth checking the provider’s current ratings in the AppStores. Similarly, for the CV, a choice should be offered whether the applicant would like to apply online using the platform or simply upload their completed CV. The aim is to find a provider who gives your candidates a good amount of freedom to ensure an excellent application experience.

Customer Support & Success Management

Besides a smooth and comprehensible application process, providing support for you and your candidates plays a key role. No matter how good a platform is, not every question can be solved with a FAQ and small technical problems can always occur. Imagine an applicant who has chosen the right outfit and kept his/ her evening free to answer your questions. When, for example, not enough storage space is available, the candidate needs immediate personal assistance. If the support team then needs half an hour to provide support, the applicant may have already discontinued the process. As a result, candidates most likely will not be convinced of the process or your company.

Almost all providers advertise with 24/7 support. This is exactly why it is important to consider this more closely from your perspective. It is crucial that your applicants as well as your recruiting team receive help within the first minutes – ideally personally and not via a bot or a FAQ. Professional providers usually guarantee you a certain response time by contract.

You and your recruiting team are the second most important stakeholder. Make sure that you have a professional onboard available to the entire team and that new features or products are presented in live training sessions at regular intervals. If you are fully familiar with the platform, your efficiency will increase, and requests for potential support will be reduced.

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Recruiter Experience & Interview Features

Many companies face the challenge that their application process takes up too much time and resources. This often results in a loss of good candidates to the competition. In order for the video-recruiting platform to offer you the greatest possible benefit and for you to recruit much more efficiently, it must be perfectly adapted to your internal requirements and to the positions to be filled. 

Therefore, please pay particular attention to the options available to you for individualising the interview or application process. How many questions and what kind of questions can you ask? Can the response times be changed, and can candidates also submit their CV or documents?

Importantly, the platform should help your recruiting team to identify top candidates as quickly as possible and make daily life easier. Make sure you have a comprehensive rights management system, professional evaluation and comment functions.  Specialist departments can also be involved in order to help to make the right decisions.

Data Security & Integrations

Applicant data is personal and sensitive data. The storage and management of these data must be based on a secure data protection concept. Check with each provider to ensure that they comply with the DSVGO and that all data is stored in a certified data centre according to ISO 27001. A discussion between the two data protection experts should quickly provide clarity here. Ideally, the data should be stored and processed purely in Germany.

Do you have a fairly high volume of applicants and already have an applicant management system? Your goal should be to establish a recruiting process in which the recruiting team has access to all information and functions in the main system. Professional and established providers usually offer an interface to the leading systems so that incoming video interviews or applications appear automatically in your applicant management system without making any system changes.

If integration into your applicant management system is not yet directly available, please find out whether the provider has an open interface (RESTful API) and can implement it for you in a timely manner. An in-house partner manager as well as an internal development team are usually good indicators that an interface can be provided quickly and securely.

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The next steps

This blog article serves as an introduction and orientation for you to know what is important when choosing the right partner even before the first product presentation.

If you are convinced of the potential of a Video-Recruiting Software, contact well-known providers and arrange a personal consultation. Use these meetings to get a detailed insight into the solution and put yourself in the best possible position of your candidates. 

No matter which system you choose, you should ask all providers for a full test access so that you and your colleagues can go through the entire process by yourself. If you are not granted access, this should be a first warning signal. Once you have created an application with each provider and feel that you have received excellent advice, all the conditions for a successful and long-term partnership are in place.

Are you planning the implementation of video-recruiting software?

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