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“You better use it together”

At Talentcube, we are further expanding our position as Europe’s leading provider of video recruiting services. Our mission: An excellent application experience with personality at the center and efficient recruiting standards. The video application saves time, money and costs and is above all a profitable solution for large companies.

Our new partner Greenhouse recruiting now offers this excellent application experience directly to all customers. Greenhouse is a renowned American based applicant management system that enables companies to map and optimize their entire HR process.

Talentcube & Greenhouse: Recruit even more efficiently

+ Integration: The combination of the two solutions enables efficient video recruiting directly from your leading candidate management system.

+ Standardization: For candidates, the application process remains the same and all parties benefit from the excellent application experience.

+ Personalization: Send out personalized invitations for a video interview with just a few clicks from greenhouse and view the authentic responses of your candidates directly in greenhouse.

What`s new?

Simple linking of the Job-ad

Due to the integration of Talentcube, it is possible to access the most important functions of Talentcube directly from greenhouse. Simply define Talentcube as an assessment step anywhere in the recruiting funnel of a greenhouse tender.

Direct invitation to a video interview

The integration enables you to seamlessly integrate the video interview into your recruiting process via Talentcube. The applicant receives an e-mail with an invitation to the video application for the vacant position. The application then runs as usual via our web portal or the mobile apps.

Synchronization of new applications

If a candidate has created the video application, it is directly visible in the greenhouse applicant profile. One click opens the authentic video application from within greenhouse and gives you the important personal impression. You can rate the applicant directly from your greenhouse company account and send him a personalized reply.

What does this mean for your applicants?

Everything stays the same here and everyone benefits from an excellent application experience. The candidate also receives a personalised invitation to a video interview, uses our web or applicant solution and benefits from our personal support.

The new feature thus combines existing application processes with the Talentcube video application in a single system. Do you want to try it out? Request a demo here to learn more about first-class video recruiting and integration!

Digitize your recruiting, too!

Talk to one of our experienced HR consultants about the successful use of video recruiting in your company without obligation. Simply take your recruiting process to a whole new level.

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